illegal intrusion

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Our fishing grounds are being rapidly depleted with overfishing and the illegal intrusion of foreigners, almost entirely Chinese fishermen, into our territorial waters.
One of the trigger-points for the Duterte administration is its handling of China's unabated illegal intrusion in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).
An illegal intrusion into an occupation of a diplomatic mission and act of extortion is a grave breach of state sovereignty and a flagrant violation of international law, and this kind of act should never be tolerated," a spokesperson of North Korea's foreign ministry told state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).
figure By STELLA CHERONO The National Land Commission Chairman Muhammad Swazuri has maintained that the controversial Ruaraka land is private.Mr Swazuri said the owner, Afrison Export Import Limited, has been complaining about illegal intrusion for more than 30 years, and there is no Deed of Surrender to indicate that the land was handed over to the government.
"The forces and resources on the border are enough to combat attempts of illegal intrusion into Tajikistan," the official said.
Privacy is a prime concern, and for a person to share the video without the consent of the people shown in the video is an illegal intrusion into their privacy rights," said Almazar.
'Illegal intrusion of those commercial fishing vessel in the municipal waters which is supposedly reserved for our small fisher folk, but oftentimes, these problems remains to be unsolved,' said Baluran adding that 'out of desperation, our municipal fisher folks go beyond the allowable fishing grounds to catch fish just enough to sustain their family daily needs.'
In regard to the security incidents encountered, it is clear that web portals, mostly governmental, face the illegal intrusion problem.
I'm glad to have been part of bringing that scandal to light and since the Conservative government has not acted on it, I am continuing to fight for laws that will protect people from illegal intrusion."
The ACLU's motion challenged the search warrant calling it an illegal intrusion on people's rights ( protected by the First Amendment.
If there are matching features between them, then the system will identify the action to be illegal intrusion. Otherwise, it will not be identified to be illegal.
"The specter of violence hangs over Oregon this MLK Day, and there is a shortage of effective outlets for Oregonians to respond to the offensiveness of this illegal intrusion," they wrote.