illegal profit

See: graft
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As per GoP Policy they were entitled for a profit of Rs 717 million per annum; however they were on average earning Rs 3,106 million per annum; hence making an illegal profit of 2.389 million per annum.
'As per GoP Policy, they were entitled for a profit of Rs717 million per annum, however, they were on average earning Rs3,106m per annum, hence making an illegal profit of Rs2,389m per annum,' he said.
AC Town-III Sara Tawab Umer has arrested 22 profiteers from the areas of University Road and Tehkal while AC Town-IV Asif Iqbal arrested 28 shopkeepers for hoarding and making illegal profit.
Police retrieved the remaining NT$210,000 of the illegal profit from Huang and referred him to prosecutors for the alleged stealing.
He said all-out measures should be taken to control illegal profit on sugar.
The accountability watchdog notice said the sale of Dadu Sugar Mills had imparted illegal profit to Naudero Sugar Mills.
Through such deals, LS Global was able to reap 13 billion won worth of illegal profit, according to the FTC.
But, the District Food Controller in violation of the policy is purchase substandard, poor quality and injurious wheat on cheap price to earn illegal profit.
In January 2017, the federal government filed a lawsuit against EMSA and former CEO Stephen Williamson, claiming they used an illegal profit cap model from 1998-2013.
"All suspects were trying to make illegal profit and to ruin society, especially the young people, by smuggling and selling the drugs in the country.
Arkadiy Dubovoy was among the more successful traders, accounting for more than $11 million of illegal profit after trades in such companies as Align Technology Inc and Caterpillar Inc, prosecutors said.
Nevertheless, as for cartels, which are per se prohibited, the illegal profit is always inferior (or equal in the case of a null price elasticity of demand) to the harm inflicted on consumers.