illegal property

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When Advaniji went around the country against black money, he promised to the people of the country that the members of BJP will submit a declaration before speaker in Lok Sabha and chairman in Rajya Sabha that the members of BJP do not have any illegal property or illegal bank account in foreign banks abroad, so most of the letters have been received by the parliamentary party office and it was decided that tomorrow on December 9, as per the UN convention against corruption, is the World anti-corruption Day, we will submit these paper after taking time from speaker and chairman," Ahluwalia added.
Joumblat said "it is clear that the Egyptian people have said their word", advising Hosni Moubarak to listen to the demands of Egyptian people and to "leave with tranquility" along with his regime' s symbols after disclosing his account of illegal property assets that belong to the people.
In a telephone conversation I had with my Greek counterpart, Mr Athanasios Kokkalakis, I was informed that for a year now, the Greek police have been investigating information that a ring has been operating, involved in illegal property transactions, secret auctions and even suspicious court rulings," said Katsounotos.
Members will pay a Rs 3 entry fee for the next three years and declare they don't own illegal property.
Under this act any illegal property and if any country provides information about any illegal assets deposited in their bank, it will be returned," he said.
Summary: The EU agreed this week that Israeli goods produced in West Bank settlements must now be labeled as such, giving shoppers the option to avoid items made on illegal property, land the Palestinians want for any future state, in an area already under occupation.
According to Thakur, they started getting threats after his wife complained to the Lokayukta (ombudsman) against Uttar Pradesh minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati and his illegal property.
He said that instead of vacating illegal property Sheikh Rashid has issued an irrelevent and misleading statement, adding no illegal occupant could be a tenant.
The 24-year-old, from Pimlico, London, faces money laundering charges and is accused of converting PS66,500 in illegal property.
Taking to task the three municipal corporations for failing to curb such constructions in the city, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday directed the civic agencies to ensure that they file a criminal case against the owner and builder of any illegal property.
They were arrested for illegal property possession when jewellery and other valuables were found in their car.
The raid was conducted following a complaint filed against Jain for amassing illegal property and documents.