illegal restraint

See: detainer
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86) The Seventh Circuit disagreed, stating that the identification of a relevant commercial market upon which the alleged illegal restraint acted was a threshold matter for Sherman Act applicability.
It said the requirements in the OTC rules for the registration of an SRO and mandatory membership therein merely regulate and do not constitute illegal restraint of trade or creates barriers to the entry of other OTC market operators and other OTC market participants.
At the district court level, the court held that the NCAA's television bylaws represented an illegal restraint on output, and that the NCAA, in its allocation of television rights, illegally "maintain[ed] mechanisms fox" punishing cartel members who [sought] to stray from these production quotas.
Precise numbers of children and young people subject to these illegal restraint techniques are not known, but it was estimated by Mr Justice Foskett that as many as 25% of restraint incidents may have been unlawful.
The lawyer had earlier argued that the petitioner had challenged the illegal restraint on his freedom of movement and liberty imposed by the government under the garb of security, submitting that the government was relying on an illegal document called protocol to impose security on the petitioner.
The US can argue that China s Great Firewall -- a system of filters and bottlenecks that effectively shutters the country within its own intranet -- is an illegal restraint on international trade because it bars foreign companies from competing, via the Internet, in the vast Chinese market," argues Peter Scheer, executive director of the First Amendment Coalition.
A former associate director with Singapore-based Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, the investment banking arm of Deutsche Bank, has accused the bank of illegal restraint of work and salary arrears.
Police officers detained persons suspected in blackmailing, illegal arms storing, and illegal restraint of the person, Kyrgyz Ministry's of Internal Affairs press service reported.
Such a bifurcation by FIFA would also have a better chance of withstanding future claims by agents that the regulations constitute an illegal restraint on trade.
Bavarian had launched legal action claiming that by allowing pubs to effectively exclude its beers from the British market, UK law created an illegal restraint on trade.
And it was this self-same rule book that director general Borrie denounced as an illegal restraint on trade.