illegal traffic

See: contraband
References in classic literature ?
I fancy that to the last he believed us to be emissaries of Government, darkly official persons furthering by our illegal traffic some dark scheme of high statecraft.
A report of Kabul Municipality and other relevant entities entrusted with removing the illegal traffic obstructions in Kabul city was reviewed and it showed that the campaign was successfully going on.
But those who do - the people who make a lot of money out of it - surely have a duty to ensure that this illegal traffic in child shame cannot continue.
In a letter addressed to DFA Assistant Secretary and Spokesperson Charles Jose, both BOC and DENR sought the filing of diplomatic protest in order to "prevent a repeat of the unfortunate incident and enjoin the government of Canada to revisit their domestic regulations on the export or illegal traffic of wastes.
To curb down the menace of illegal traffic, PTA has further strengthened the process of monitoring the grey traffic with the installation of Grey Traffic Monitoring System in October 2013.
ROME September 08, 2013 -- Pope Francis called on Sunday for an end to the illegal traffic in arms, and repeated his appeal for peace in Syria.
He said that the current system was installed three years ago, keeping in mind the size of the overall internet bandwidth, however, during the last three years the growth has been exponential of the sector but the authority was unable to monitor the entire illegal traffic.
France said in October that it would return the five fragments held by the Louvre museum as a way of showing the country's determination to fight the illegal traffic in cultural objects.
Expertise will be shared to curb illegal traffic of hazardous and other wastes subject to the Basel Convention.
The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office has opened an investigation into whether presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's staff might have made an illegal traffic stop.
Environmental groups charge politicians with helping the illegal traffic of alerce wood; the mayor of Fresia was recently arrested and accused of being a middleman in one smuggling plot.
The manual includes methods of assessing how lead batteries are currently managed nationally, creating national collection, storage, packaging and transport schemes, and on responsibly handling international shipments of this poisonous non-ferrous waste, while preventing its illegal traffic.