illegal transplantation

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The black market organs trade is on the upward trend in Saudi Arabia, with more than 400 nationals buying organs, mainly kidneys, for illegal transplantation in the last two years, a report said.
However, despite said directive, the current system to supervise and regulate organ transplantation in the country remains inadequate as the practice of illegal transplantation still persists," Relampagos said.
The act prohibits illegal transplantation of human organs.
In 2008, the Istanbul Declaration proclaimed that the poor who sell their organs are being exploited, while unregulated and illegal transplantation place physical harm to both organ donor and recipient.
We have the best piece of legislation to curb organ trade and illegal transplantation, however, lack the will among law enforcers for its implementation, said Dr.
If any case of illegal transplantation is detected in a hospital, its chief executive, director or the officer in charge at the time of operation will be liable to getting a maximum of 10-year imprisonment and a fine amounting to one million rupees.
By ISLAMABAD, June 23, 2011 (Balochistan Times): National Assemblys standing committee on Human Rights has expressed its severe resentment over illegal transplantation of body parts of 13 foreigners in Islamabad and instructed FIA, police and Ministry of Health to constitute joint investigation team to probe the incident.
During the meeting issues related to business of fake drugs, illegal transplantation of kidneys, political vengeance in Sindh and other affairs were reviewed.
The meeting chaired by MNA Riaz Fatyana on Wednesday discussed progress report on illegal Transplantations Business of Human Organs.
BMJ reported Turkish sources revealed that police officers searching the hospital after the shooting took place discovered the hospital had been shut down by court order in March for performing illegal transplantations.