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1) adj. in violation of statute, regulation or ordinance, which may be criminal or merely not in conformity. Thus, an armed robbery is illegal, and so is an access road which is narrower than the county allows, but the violation is not criminal. 2) a person residing in a country of which he/she is not a citizen and who has no official permission to be there. (See: alien, illegal immigrant)

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ILLEGAL. Contrary to law; unlawful.
     2. It is a general rule, that the law will never give its aid to a party who has entered into an illegal contract, whether the same be in direct violation of a statute, against public policy, or opposed to public morals. Nor to a contract which is fraudulent, which affects the defendant or a third person.
     3. A contract in violation of a statute is absolutely void, and, however disguised, it will be set aside, for no form of expression can remove the substantial defect inherent in the nature of the transaction; the courts will investigate the real object of the contracting parties, and if that be repugnant to the law, it will vitiate the transaction.
     4. Contracts against the public policy of the law, are equally void as if they were in violation of a public statute; a contract not to marry any one, is therefore illegal and void. See Void.
     5. A contract against the purity of manners is also illegal; as, for example, a agreement to cohabit unlawfully with another, is therefore void; but a bond given for past cohabitation, being considered as remuneration for past injury, is binding. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3853.
     6. All contracts which have for their object, or which may in their consequences, be injurious to third persons, altogether unconnected with them, are in general illegal and void. Of the first, an example may be found in the case where a sheriff's officer received a sum of money from a defendant for admitting to bail, and agreed to pay the bail, part of the money which was so exacted. 2 Burr. 924. The case of a wager between two persons, as to the character of a third, is an example of the second class. Cowp. 729; 4 Camp. 152; 1 Rawle, 42; 1 B. & A. 683. Vide Illicit; Unlawful.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mr Allotey said the Forestry Commission would continue to collaborate with the military to sanitise the illegalities in the forest system, in line with its mandate to regulate the utilisation of forest and wildlife resources.
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Altogether, 15 people were involved in the illegalities, including several employees of the Latvian National Center for Education.
Besides, most of the "objections" raised by the Supreme Court and the NGT come under the gambit of "improvements" like hygienic conditions, sought to be made, and cannot be termed illegalities. Even if an application is rejected the aggrieved FBO may seek redressal from the Commissioner of Food Safety u/s 8.
administrative illegalities. It raised questions over the appointment of Valson Thampu as the principal of St.
BEIRUT: Family and friends of a telecom engineer accused of collaborating with Israel rallied in Beirut this weekend to criticize illegalities in the judiciary's handling of the case.
ISLAMABAD, June 20 -- Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Saturday directed the Establishment Division to propose a high-powered inquiry committee to probe allegations of illegalities committed in awarding a contract for the import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), according to a press release.
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The Editor responds: Because of our bedrock principle of free speech, The Progressive has long had a policy of allowing advertisers to say whatever they want short of libel or other potential illegalities. We trust our readers are sophisticated enough to recognize the distinction between what we publish as editorial matter with our imprimatur, and the advertising we carry, some of which, like the ad in question, we, too, find loathsome.
"This system invites abuses on these projects that contribute to poor quality, unsafe conditions and even illegalities. Union labor and reputable contractors have almost no chance to perform work on these projects given this bottom of the barrel approach."
The General Accounting Office (GAO) is expected to report this month on the situation, although the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has been claiming that there have not been any illegalities. The Federal Reserve has recently proposed new rules that will make banks guilty of tying if corporate credit and non-credit business must be purchased to meet a preset minimum revenue level.
You don't want to be suspected of any illegalities. Then be sure to stock some simple over-the-counter remedies, such as aspirin, liniments, diarrhea medications, cold medications, and vitamins--again, in their packaging.