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What's more--contrary to what Big Tobacco is saying in its new advertising blitz--it would not create new federal agencies, illegalize any tobacco use that is currently legal, or devastate tobacco farmers.
2) Medoff (1989) uses economic analysis and multiple regression techniques to determine which states would be most likely to illegalize abortion if the Roe v.
An umbrella group of women's rights activists in Europe is calling on the European Union to illegalize prostitution across the EU.
The idea for the Welcome to Palestine campaign came after Israeli attempts to illegalize travel to Palestinian areas by implementing policies of deporting, denying entry and restricting access to foreigners who say they are coming to visit Palestinians.
Furthermore, a 1995 amendment to illegalize drunk driving remains vague, providing no de-finition of the word "drunk.
551 (repealed 1970), which did not illegalize marijuana but instead established harsh regulations that had the practical effect of curtailing the market for marijuana.
It sought to illegalize war through international law and mobilize world public opinion against nations engaged in aggression.
The AFLCIO, reeling from the Teamsters scandal and gearing up to fight the right's state-by-state ballot initiatives to illegalize most of labor's political spending, has not made Social Security a priority.
Rather than eliminate the Haitian labor force, repatriations serve to disrupt it, destabilize it and further illegalize it, making the Haitians all the more profitable.
Although its work was impeded by a Cabinet decision to illegalize unauthorized assistance by charities, Kimse Yok Mu delivered aid to 111,032 families both within Turkey and around the world last week, providing cuts of sacrificed animals so families could observe the Islamic holiday.
In past years Israel used to deport, deny enter, or restrict visa time to internationals that work, live, or visit the Palestinian territories in an attempt to illegalize the visit of those areas or the interaction with Palestinians.
Illegalization" refers to those processes that make people illegal: processes that illegalize certain bodies in particular spaces within the globalizing nation-state system.