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Many in the mainstream of US labour unions, to take one nationalized context, have since the mid-1970s begun to realize the importance of showing solidarity with (im)migrant workers, including, at times, the illegalized and those on temporary labour contracts.
43) That people continued to move, despite strictures against their mobility, demonstrates both the historical futility of border controls but it also demonstrates that, like today, an illegalized workforce was a boon to employers.
Since the creation of the very first illegalized person, whenever and wherever controls have been placed on people's movements, they have been rejected.
In seeking to identify continuities with domestic social control through the case studies that follow, there is no intention to accept the classification of unauthorized border crossing as either threatening or criminal, or to identify illegalized border crossers as legitimate targets for coercive control.
The profile will have been developed from aggregate statistics on breaches of visa conditions (an illegalized activity) and applications for asylum (a completely legal activity), with foreign policy concerns no doubt playing a part.
Ongoing structural changes may eventually alter the material conditions that produce both crimes of accommodation and survival (such as illegalized border crossing) and crimes of domination or repression (exemplified by state strategies of punitive preemption), and may in time transform perceptions about the legitimacy of coercive state control over individual mobility.
The use of illegalized workers and indentured, migrant workers, including sex workers, has historically been--and remains now--an integral part of how capitalism is done in Canada and cannot rightly be perceived to be an aberration from the establishment of liberal democracy for "citizens.
Thus, not only do illegalized workers reap greater profits for employers, they also enable the national state to perform its role as the protector of the citizenry.
Ironically, then, the rendering of certain people as illegalized Others within Canada creates the "cheap" labour force that government and state officials argue they are protecting Us from.