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3) Although suicide itself was illegalized in most states in an earlier period of American history, these laws have all been taken off the books; and
105-06; see also Katherine Franke, Illegalized Sexual Dissent: Sexualities and Nationalisms, in DISSENT IN DANGEROUS TIMES (Austin Sarat ed.
JOHN WAYNE: "I was a cinch to make the Bowling Hall of Fame until the rules committee illegalized my overhand delivery.
First, the 1968 Acts illegalized the mere possession of guns, rather than the transfer of guns in interstate commerce.
Russell was more interested in forcing especially absentee Irish landlords to finance aid, ultimately through augmenting assistance under the new Irish Poor Law of 1838, funded through rates on land, as in England, but extending previously illegalized relief to able-bodied claimants outside the workhouse.
He is also in the annals of jurisprudence, as the Supreme Court illegalized his collateralizing of the Agoo town plaza for a bank loan to build shops and diners on the same open space.
Immigration control has long represented a sort of laboratory in which, thanks to the less stringent constitutional safeguards limiting state power as it applies to noncitizens, new strategies of penal control have been experimented on illegalized "aliens," only to be later extended to criminalized citizens (cf.
The biopolitical making of space and place for the containment of brown illegalized populations is established in four primary venues: first, in immigrant communities where people's experience of fear of deportation and of constricted space and restricted mobility become crucial components in their subjugation; second, in 'Papers-Please' stylized geographies of arrest that lead to detention and deportation; thirdly, in increasingly privatized detention centers built for the warehousing of undocumented immigrants in the name of corporate profit; and finally, in deadly hostile environs in desert treks that all too often become death marches when immigrants lose their way and die from exposure to the elements.
Claiming only to mirror prevailing idioms of familiar use (Tobias, MWCI transcripts, 24 November 2011: 11), these codification strategies effectively reproduced a discourse that reduced the missing women to a limited set of discriminatory characteristics--specifically, their identity as illegalized and often aboriginal prostitutes operating in the DTES--subjecting them to the simultaneous processes of bureaucratic abstraction and colloquial stigmatization.
15) The practices of states in terms of both entry and deportation are constantly being challenged legally and politically with reference to human rights claims even as it becomes obvious that human rights frameworks themselves assume citizenship, rely on the compliance of national states for enforcement, and are (therefore) especially unhelpful when it comes to the claims of the illegalized.
7) Indeed, us labour and immigrant rights activists have sought to renew the African-American civil rights legacy by making various claims to the institution of citizenship, often on the basis of the labour contributions of those illegalized by the state.
It has also followed by telephone the lock-ins of illegalized migrants in Belgium in 2006.