illegally imported goods

See: contraband
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To report information about illegally imported goods or tax evasion and fraud, contact the Customs Hotline on 0800 59 5000.
We buy just about everything we need to survive from China, including illegally imported goods.
From January to October, revenues generated from the public auction of illegally imported goods by MICP reached P451 million.
Kulbars are couriers who carry illegally imported goods, such as tobacco, electronics and tires, on animals or their own backs, and kasebkars are tradesmen who transport similar goods into larger towns.
We would appeal to local people and businesses to join us in the fight against crime and encourage anyone with information relating to illegally imported goods or tax evasion and fraud to contact us.
Our officials patrol smuggling routes and when they seize illegally imported goods, they receive the tax with fine from the smugglers," he said.
Battering rams in hand, officers this morning simultaneously went into six properties believed to have links to the supply of counterfeit and illegally imported goods, drugs and stolen property.
Counterfeit products and illegally imported goods often have links to organised crime and those involved often use this as a way of funding other illegal activities.
Anyone with information on possible illegally imported goods, tax or fraud evasion should call the free 24-hour Customs hotline on 0800 59 5000.
Moreover, Deep Sea noted that the district court's construction of the term "contraband" to include illegally imported goods would result in disparate treatment between fish caught in violation of domestic law and fish caught contrary to international law.