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Most fatefully, it also clearly appears on the 1823 copperplate created by the engraver William Stone to replicate the original parchment, which was already fading into illegibility.
For Calloway, Martins's presence marks Winkler's office as an enigmatic location of illegibility and a deeper, repressed narrative.
Moreover, the illegibility of the NBN gives rise in some instances to an outright misreading of fundamentals--such as the difference between infrastructure and service provision:
The question of illegibility circles back to "Commonplaces," where Yankelevich argues that the radicalism of a conceptual tome inheres in its resistance--else, its outright apathy--to being read.
Some clarity, in fact, may have rescued Alfred Dreyfus: Man, Milieu, Mentality and Midrash from its illegibility.
An old black Audi A6 came booting up from the rear and overshot us on a blind bend, its registration plates mud-caked to illegibility.
Spokesman PML-Q Kamil Ali Agha maintains that since no leader of PML (LM) , excluding Kashmala Tariq had made their position clear, it would be an exercise in futility to send reference of illegibility against just Kashmala.
Athletic, missing numerous regular players due to their illegibility, included a few of their young reserve players in the squad and they didn't disappoint.
The script quickly faded to illegibility, but Livingstone later recalled the tale to the journalist HM Stanley, whose report of the massacre forced the UK Government to close the east Africa slave trade.