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Illegible handwriting on prescriptions can lead to dispensing incorrect medication or incorrect doses being recommended, potentially resulting in serious complications.
Pearsall said that an increasing number of scripts are having to be transcribed centrally, meaning that students with illegible writing are forced to come back to their college during the summer holidays to read their answers aloud in the presence of two university administrators.
Since Nicola's handwriting is part legible, part illegible, we have to attribute part positive and part negative interpretations.
Such a comparison indicates illegible or otherwise invalid signatures that should be disqualified.
This differed from results from the UK, which found records to be largely illegible and disorganised.
They were all written in the evenings after a lot of activity and a good bit of drinking, and so a word every now and then is illegible.
IF the e-mail smear tactics wasn't bad enough, I was amazed that anybody was able to codebreak Gordon Brown's two-page handwritten scrawl of an apology, most of it totally illegible, worked in thick black marker pen and peppered with spelling mistakes (he misspells knowledge by leaving out the d).
Inevitably, some fingerprint cards are rejected by CJIS because the check or money order is made out to the wrong agency, vital information (like name or address) is missing from the fingerprint card, the information is illegible, or the fingerprint cards were mailed to the Board instead of CJIS.
RS SPORTS have been kicked out of the Major Boyd Carpenter Cup for fielding an illegible player.
Markers have complained they spend too long trying to decipher illegible scribbles.
Handwritten identification on the bags is often illegible and inaccurate, while traditional bar code labeling is impossible because the label material contaminates the rubber product being formulated.
For example, the pharmacist can identify a dosing error in a physician's order or clarify an illegible order and a nurse can identify that the wrong drug was dispensed, but there are limited safeguards for administration errors.