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Participants then rated their anger, perceived illegitimacy of the situation, perceived harm to self-image, intention of the other person to harm one's image, intention to confront the other person, and demographic items.
By the end of the twentieth century, virtually all the earlier disabilities visited upon illegitimacy had disappeared, even if some obsolete laws still remain in the statute books.
Quantifying illegitimacy is fundamental to that project and an exercise in measurement, using baptismal and marriage registers, is undertaken here.
Wilcox cites George Akerlof, a Nobel prize-winning economist, who provides an economic explanation for why widespread use of artificial contraception resulted in an increase in illegitimacy, rather than a decrease as many predicted.
He ascribes to me the qualities of a "clever rejectionist" who seeks to illustrate Israel's illegitimacy.
Yet Moody demonstrates that even as illegitimacy posited "an absolute opposition between authentic and spurious theatrical forms" (12) it created a cultural domain that was, by definition, beyond the law's purview.
At the beginning of the last century, the illegitimacy rate was only a few per cent).
to the illegitimacy bonus what some people think Paul Hamm is to the Olympic gymnastics gold medal?
Najemy argues his case beautifully and persuasively, although in the end I am inclined to give more weight than he does to Leon Battista Alberti's illegitimacy and to his father's indifference to his son's legitimation as sources of Alberti's discomfort with the patriline.
Illegitimacy was a prominent political, social, and literary issue throughout the nineteenth century, and is a theme that the sensation novelist Wilkie Collins repeatedly returns to in his fiction.
Such acceptance has allowed for romances to break out of "tradition" and include controversial topics such as AIDS, illegitimacy and addiction--so long as the hero and the heroine live happily ever after.