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We find transfer elasticities with regard to teen illegitimacy rates on the order of + 1.
We must not consider illegitimacy just another life style equal to the nuclear family.
The illegitimacy rate is rising by a percentage point every year.
But Nicholas Eberstadt of Harvard and the American Enterprise Institute says: Suppose today's welfare policy incentives to illegitimacy were transported back in time to Salem, Mass.
IF there were doubts about the illegitimacy of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi before his rambling speech, there weren't when he eventually finished.
Historically, the illegitimacy rate was highest in the labouring classes, for a couple may not have been able to afford to marry just because the girl got pregnant and marriage may not have happened until after the birtS h of a second or third child.
What benefits has society seen from statesubsidised illegitimacy as an attractive career option?
State subsidised illegitimacy as an attractive career option and weak, hen-pecked vermin in the home, together with Noddy book theories in society in general, have brought about our once Christian nation's downfall into moral, social and economic decadence.
Bearing the shame of illegitimacy, Amy Shawe is shunted from pillar to post after her mother dies and her grandmother is to ill to cope with her.
Ruling in three separate lesbian-parenting cases, the California justices continued to recognize rights and responsibilities for children from same-sex relationships and to protect the youngsters from any stigma of illegitimacy.
European illegitimacy rates ranged from a low of one to two percent in seventeenth-century England to a high of five to nine percent in nineteenth-century France.
Kinsey's findings have been credited with the tumultuous sexual revolution of the 60s and its disastrous after-effects--legalized abortion; premarital sex; marriage breakdown and divorce; child illegitimacy and unwed mothers; pornography; pedophilia; homosexuality, STDs, etc.