illegitimate act

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This makes the strike an illegitimate act and violation of the law, which should be resolutely addressed and requires legal action against all those involved.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- The permission granted by the Parliament Speaker's Office for deputies to examine a prosecutor's summary of proceedings related to two ruling party politicians demonstrates that deputies previously being denied the ability to examine the same type of document related to four former Cabinet ministers accused of corruption was an illegitimate act aimed at covering up the corruption, the opposition has said.
Justice is available to people in the West but Pakistan still has a divide between rich and poor, he said, adding that the powerful can get away with every kind of illegitimate act.
Nothing can justify the use of force and act of aggression against a sovereign state and the aggressor must be held accountable for any consequences stemming from this condemnable and illegitimate act which endangers regional and international peace and security," Khazaee wrote.
This is an illegitimate act by a senior officer of the government," said Rahimullah Samander, the association's president.
I want to say that occupation is an indecent act and, therefore, the occupation of the UAE islands by Iran is an illegitimate act done by a friendly, Islamic neighbor.
So, according to tradition, it was considered to be an illegitimate act when a Beniwal from Kheri ties the knot with a girl from the Berwal gotra .
But is there anyone who believes that by doing this, an illegitimate act is turned into a legitimate one?
Currently, the Central Bank's suspicious transaction follow-up unit receives reports of suspicious financial activity from banks under the authority of Article 93 of the Banking Law of 2000, which obligates covered persons to notify the Central Bank of any transaction suspected of being related to any "crime or illegitimate act.
What about spreading hatred in the name of religion, beating women (as the Imam of a mosque in Spain encouraged), female circumcision, the violation of children's rights, polygamy, judging non-Muslims as infidels, deeming the Muslims' enlistment in Western militaries an illegitimate act, abusing the system of social welfare, heaping praise on terrorism and acts of murder, or actually joining terrorist organizations?
A decision has been made by Telenor to commit all possible resources to repel this illegitimate act.
invasion of Iraq would appear to the rest of the world as being an illegal and illegitimate act of aggression.