illegitimate child

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To fill the gap, this paper therefore aims to analyze the questions of illegitimate child in Malaysia.
Up until this point, "any man charged by a woman as the father of her illegitimate child had either to contribute towards its maintenance, marry the woman or submit to imprisonment.
The illegitimate child of Milly Hines and a man supposedly Mexican, Joe is placed in an orphanage by his fanatically religious grandfather, who believes him to be part black.
Poe had already denied talks that she was an illegitimate child of Marcos' father, former President Ferdinand Marcos.
Since then she had had another illegitimate child, the father being a man she had since married and with whom she was living at Wallasey.
When Susannah died my dad was told she had an illegitimate child Bobby, left in Newsham.
In Malaysia, a child who was born out-of-wedlock or as a result of fornication is defined as illegitimate child in legal term.
As she researches her family history, singer Annie Lennox is shocked to learn of the injustice faced by her great-greatgrandmother Isabella for having an illegitimate child.
The newly married prince is rumoured to be the father of a third illegitimate child.
London, July 3 (ANI): The colorful past of Prince Albert of Monaco threatened to overshadow his wedding to one-time Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock on Saturday, after it was announced that he would have to take a paternity test for a possible third illegitimate child.
ACTRESS Halle Berry (white mother, black father) is peeved that her ex-lover and father of her illegitimate child (white, French-Canadian) considers the two-year-old to be white.
Tough choices; bearing an illegitimate child in contemporary Japan.