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ILLEGITIMATE. That which is contrary to law; it is usually applied to children born out of lawful wedlock. A bastard is sometimes called an illegitimate child.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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So, we are saying if you have found any vehicle that has been illegitimately taken away, let's have the names of such persons.
It has been in power for the last five years legitimately or illegitimately depending on who you ask.
For instance, many of the deputies or their relatives have become tremendously but illegitimately rich over the last decade.
Summary: Various political groups have agreed to include private school teachers in the wage hike, and private schools will not be allowed to illegitimately increase tuition fees, Lebanon's education minister said after a meeting between teachers and lawmakers Tuesday.
California included nine students who claimed that various job protection policies meant bad teachers kept teaching, and thus illegitimately damaged their right under the state constitution to a quality education.
Putin maintained that both he and Obama were of different opinions on the issue, adding that Ukraine's new, pro-Western authorities had acted illegitimately over the eastern, southeastern and Crimea regions.
His most recent legal defense consisted of: "I made my money legitimately, and I lost it illegitimately."
"The channels were clearly illegitimately inspired.
Detention of illegitimately proclaimed Jalal-Abad region governor Meder Usenov was lawful, the State National Security Committee's press service said on June 3.
Web giant LinkedIn has announced a change to its security practices in a bid to make it more difficult for people to illegitimately access users' accounts.
documents signed, by that person, who illegitimately occupies the Office of the President of Armenia, will not have any legal force for