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All three countries may soon be following the Danish model, in which the illiberal populist parties pledge their support without actually governing, thereby gaining power without responsibility.
But Simon Clark, director of smoking support group Forest, attacked the "unnecessary and illiberal piece of legislation".
'The measure is illiberal and will be counter-productive in relations between faith groups.'
Then again, historians have something to learn from his blunt and well-done challenge to Richard Hofstadter's influential view that we should see this illiberal terrain as the property of paranoid right-wingers.
Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics & American Economics in the Progressive Era
But a victory by those who want the UK to stay in the EU could be even more costly for CEE countries, where it could strengthen illiberal politicians, shore-up rent-seeking alliances and strip citizens of much of their say in key EU-level decisions.
An illiberal populist that Trump is, he told these women to leave America alone and go back to the war-ravaged countries from where they came.
He contrasted this with the illiberal or national approach, in which a nation is a historically and culturally determined community.
Finally, I say to Dr MacMillan, I would rather be grammatically alliterate than politically illiberal. Tom McAughtrie Dumfries
"He talks about moving into the post-Western order." The Russian leader presents himself as the guru of a new "illiberal" governing model that allows elections but curtails or dismantles democratic institutions.
If he becomes Prime Minister, Boris Johnson must not join the growing club of illiberal world leaders.
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