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A new iron curtain in Europe, this time between liberal and illiberal democracies -- is a grim prospect.
However Dorothy Thornhill, mayor of Watford, dismissed the motion as 'unintentionally illiberal and simply sick'.
They are rare because illiberal nationalisms (of which there are many) are more effective in satisfying their members' need for dignity--perhaps because they relieve individuals of personal responsibility and define dignity as a collective attribute.
Democracy," the political theorist Yascha Mounk calls this type of regime -- in apt symmetry with illiberal democracy -- "undemocratic liberalism.
Thus, liberal democracy has a tendency to deteriorate into one or the other of its perversions - illiberal democracy or undemocratic liberalism.
The very nature of the illiberal agenda - authoritarian, revisionist, undemocratic - requires the systematic dismantling of the very democratic consensus that allowed it to gain power by frankly expressing contempt for the institutions it's now in a position to demolish.
But the main reason for the West's illiberal turn concerns emotions.
He also praised Taiwan's free media, and public participation in the political arena, and stated that Taiwan is certainly able to resist illiberal political trends.
Leonard's Illiberal Reformers tells a story that captures the mind, breaks the heart, and turns the stomach.
The central claims of the new illiberal system are its promises of efficiency, collective purpose, and national pride.
Following the fall from grace, Applebaum began utilizing her global media contacts, disbursing heavily curated and obfuscated "facts patterns" meant to construct an anti-democratic global news narrative depicting the new democratically elected Law & Justice government as far right fascists and illiberal anti-democrats.
The 23 papers in this collection are from the conference "The Approaches of Liberal and Illiberal Governments to International Law," held during June 2014 at the Estonian Academy of Sciences.