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Thus, liberal democracy has a tendency to deteriorate into one or the other of its perversions -- illiberal democracy or undemocratic liberalism.
The illiberal agenda always demands assisted suicide on the part of the democracy it seeks to abolish.
As Europe attempts to reverse the slide toward illiberalism, we must recognize that not all illiberal trajectories are the same.
Illiberal Reformers is a detailed, but compact, intellectual history of American economics during its separation from "political economy" and its emergence as a separate profession guarded by a new scholarly organization, the American Economic Association.
The refugee crisis provided a golden opportunity for Hungarian, Polish, and other Eastern European leaders to burnish their illiberal credentials.
Illiberal CEE nationalists like Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orb?
However, the illiberal left would rather "protect" students from some of the greatest works of literature and philosophy.
Obergefell therefore may be regarded as a case that emphasizes the tension between liberal states and illiberal communities.
A few decades ago, the global political marketplace was dominated by Westerners trying to export liberal models to other parts of the world; today, by contrast, many Western political parties and movements seek close relationships with illiberal leaders.
In particular, drawing on insights from military studies and the accountability literature, we formulate arguments for military behavior in the AICs and test the arguments with data from South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia between the 1970s and 2008, (2) that is, across illiberal as well as democratic AICs.
All of this nasty talk is a symptom of Turkey's sad metamorphosis into a textbook illiberal democracy," Zakaria highlighted.
There are no instances of a nation transitioning from one form of government to an illiberal democracy and then progressing toward freedom.