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Nelson Mandela had warned: 'Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.' As the great South African leader advised, however, the best way to defeat the tyranny of illiberalism is sustained and compassionate engagement with people, even those who disagree with you.
[5.] Kreko, Peter, and Zsolt Enyedi (2018), "Explaining Eastern Europe: Orban's Laboratory of Illiberalism", Journal of Democracy, October, Volume 29, Issue 4, 39-51
Latent economic dynamism could help drive global growth, but illiberalism and domestic security challenges such as terrorism and insurgency could prevent the region from meeting its potential.
our national egoisms appear more important than what unites us...where fascination with illiberalism...
"We are on a slippery slope to illiberalism and a warning has to be sounded...There is impatience, resentment and anger in the air, often ignited by and on social media" (see pg xiii, Illiberal Indian, Chidanand Rajghatta, Context, Chennai, 2018).
With migrant numbers sharply down, the current political crisis is obviously symptomatic of a broader existential battle between empathetic liberalism and populist illiberalism.
Even more important to whether the end of this particular kind of American exceptionalism leads to good or bad consequences is the extent to which millennial Marxists avoid reproducing the illiberalism of the Leninist tradition in a desire to appear radical.
First of all, increasing illiberalism and authoritarianism in the West began to threaten the main liberal values that provide the expedient environment for social development and also for peaceful coexistence.
Threats include "inequalities created by globalization, threats to planet, attacks on democracy through the rise of illiberalism, the destabilization of our international community by new powers and criminal states," according to Macron.
Moreover, illiberal repression tends to breed further illiberalism in the polity and society.
Those who do remember will be in no hurry to trade the illiberalism of elected officials for the illiberalism of unelected security bureaucrats.
For Americans, as Americans, illiberalism is self-defeating, and when Americans have been illiberal in the past, in time they've been seen to be un-American.