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Not permitted or allowed; prohibited; unlawful; as an illicit trade; illicit intercourse.


adjective accusable, actionable, against the law, banned, censored, contrary to law, criminal, exceeding the law, felonious, forbidden, forbidden by law, guilty, illegitimate, immoral, impermissible, improper, iniquitous, injudicial, inlicitus, interdicted, lawless, nonconstitutional, nonlegal, not according to law, not allowed, not approved, not covered by law, not permitted, out of bounds, outlawed, outside the law, prohibited, punishable by law, quod contra leges fit, taboo, triable, unallowed, unauthorized, unconstitutional, under ban, unlawful, unlegalized, unlegislated, unprincipled, unsanctioned, unseemly, unwarrantable, unwarranted, wicked, without authority, wrong, wrongful
Associated concepts: illicit cohabitation, illicit relations, illicit relationship, illicit trade
See also: illegal, illegitimate, immoral, impermissible, improper, irregular, unlawful, wrongful

ILLICIT. What is unlawful what is forbidden by the law. Vide Unlawful.
     2. This word is frequently used in policies of insurance, where the assured warrants against illicit trade. By illicit trade is understood that "which is made unlawful by the laws of the country to which the object is bound." The assured having entered into this warranty, is required to do no act which will expose the vessel to be legally condemned. 2 L. R. 337, 338. Vide Insurance; Trade; Warranty.

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Black money outflow arises from tax evasion, crime, corruption and other illicit activity, the report states.
Titled 'Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2004-2013', the study shows that illicit financial flows first surpassed $1 trillion in 2011 and have grown to $1.
A new report launched today by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) shows that the total value of illicit heroin and opium trafficked from Afghanistan to Western Europe through the Balkans amounts to some $28 billion every year.
Kohsar police arrested accused Karmat and recovered one 30 bore illicit pistol along with ammunition from him.
At an estimated $50 billion per annum, approximately double the official development assistance (ODA) that Africa receives, the issue of Illicit Financial Flows out of the continent is a huge obstacle in Africa's development path.
Today marks the launch of the Coalition Against Illicit Trade (CAIT), a new worldwide coalition of businesses and organisations dedicated to fighting the trade of counterfeited and contraband goods, which causes significant harm to consumers, governments, businesses, and society in general.
KUWAIT, June 1 (KUNA) -- Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahad inaugurated here Monday the first regional conference of law enforcement bodies in charge of protecting intellectual property and countering trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting crimes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
Cigarettes, shisha and smokeless tobacco are being smuggled across borders leading to an increase in the use of tobacco among youth and other age groups, according to a top official from the World Health Organisation (WHO) who has called on countries, including the UAE, to sign a protocol to eliminate the illicit trade of tobacco products in the region.
CENEVRE (CyHAN)- The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging Member States to sign the Protocol to Eliminate the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products as part of its campaign for World No Tobacco Day on 31 May.
The World Health Organization (WHO) calls on all countries to draw attention to the problem of illicit trade in tobacco products, and invites the parties to join the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to unite the efforts in fight against illicit trade in tobacco products.
AN operation to reduce the supply of illicit tobacco at shops has been carried out.