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Not permitted or allowed; prohibited; unlawful; as an illicit trade; illicit intercourse.


adjective accusable, actionable, against the law, banned, censored, contrary to law, criminal, exceeding the law, felonious, forbidden, forbidden by law, guilty, illegitimate, immoral, impermissible, improper, iniquitous, injudicial, inlicitus, interdicted, lawless, nonconstitutional, nonlegal, not according to law, not allowed, not approved, not covered by law, not permitted, out of bounds, outlawed, outside the law, prohibited, punishable by law, quod contra leges fit, taboo, triable, unallowed, unauthorized, unconstitutional, under ban, unlawful, unlegalized, unlegislated, unprincipled, unsanctioned, unseemly, unwarrantable, unwarranted, wicked, without authority, wrong, wrongful
Associated concepts: illicit cohabitation, illicit relations, illicit relationship, illicit trade
See also: illegal, illegitimate, immoral, impermissible, improper, irregular, unlawful, wrongful

ILLICIT. What is unlawful what is forbidden by the law. Vide Unlawful.
     2. This word is frequently used in policies of insurance, where the assured warrants against illicit trade. By illicit trade is understood that "which is made unlawful by the laws of the country to which the object is bound." The assured having entered into this warranty, is required to do no act which will expose the vessel to be legally condemned. 2 L. R. 337, 338. Vide Insurance; Trade; Warranty.

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Even though crackdown against illicit cigarettes is seen as a major headway against pervasive tobacco black market, experts believe that much needs to be done to achieve the desired objectives.
On March 1, Interior CS Fred Matiang'i launched a nationwide crackdown on drugs and illicit brews noting they have consumed generations in some parts.
OECD work offers a solid evidence base on illicit trade, revealing that, on average, 2.
The incident took place in Indira Colony of Uttar Pradesh's Saharanpur after the village Panchayat accused the victim of having an illicit relationship with a girl.
The illicit brands are sold to poorer consumers for as low as P25 or P30 per pack.
The Speaker expressed that according to the recent UNODC statistics, the illicit cultivation of narcotics plants has gone up in difficult regions and globally; Illicit drug markets are expanding and production and manufacturing of drugs remains high and demand for illicit drugs persists.
In September 2013, anti-narcotics authorities in Sudan rang the alarm bell over what an official described as the "insane" increases in the domestic rate of illicit drugs intake especially among young segments of the population.
Put simply: illicit tobacco flows threaten national security.
Prevalence Rates of Illicit Use of ADHD Prescription Stimulant Medications
Estimates of the extent of the global illicit trade in tobacco products vary widely, but most generally, it is estimated that it leads to a loss of up to $40bn in annual tax revenue globally.
Hyderabad Directorate seized 9 million 680 thousand sticks of illicit cigarettes of local brands involving total revenue of Rs.
Ficci has urged the government to crack down on rising illicit trade