illicit business

See: racket
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The Commissioner vowed to eradicate the illicit business as well as use of narcotics from the grass root level in order to save the future of youth and save them from bad habits.
Commissioner said that an awareness campaign would also play a key role to curb that illicit business.
According to the complaint, defendants issued materially false and misleading statements to investors and/or failed to disclose that: (1) Starz lacked adequate internal controls; (2) according to a former Starz senior executive, Starz's contract with Comcast Corporation was a result of illicit business practices; and (3) as a result, Starz's public statements were materially false and misleading at all relevant times.
The men pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges after detectives monitored phone traffic and observed them as they conducted their illicit business.
And although her dad Cain is no stranger to the inside of a cell - blimey, the local jail should have built a Dingle Wing years ago - even he is worried about Debs's illicit business.
As per Abdullahi, the functioning of the brigade includes Edo, Delta and Ondo South Senatorial district and officers of the brigade proceeded to arrest perpetrators of the illicit business, while destroying implements used to carry out the crime.
A three-star Thai general accused of involvement in human trafficking turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday, the most high profile among scores of suspects wanted as part of the drive to snuff out an illicit business that has boomed in recent years.
Terrorism is the one sort of illicit business, out of the three that are the subject of this book, that is of greatest public and policy concern.
Now Environment Agency crime teams have uncovered an illicit business in which criminals shipped toxic materials from all over Britain to be dumped in developing countries in Africa and Asia.
Parwan Counternarcotics Director Sher Aqa Talash admitted some shopkeepers were doing the illicit business in Bagram.
The illicit business attracted 20 punters a day after ads were placed in the local papers promising "relaxing and unhurried massages".
A family with a sound reputation in business and political circles wouldn't want to associate itself with a family that is notorious for conducting illicit business.