illicit love

See: adultery
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I thought that I saw through his eyes a human affair of that most sorrowful sort as it must appear to the Infinite Compassion; the book is a sort of revelation of human nature in circumstances that have been so perpetually lied about that we have almost lost the faculty of perceiving the truth concerning an illicit love. When you have once read 'Anna Karenina' you know how fatally miserable and essentially unhappy such a love must be.
As is indeed not unfrequent with women of unimpeachable virtue, weary of the monotony of respectable existence, at a distance she not only excused illicit love, she positively envied it.
It is also a den for illicit love affairs," Chebor said.
The 26-year-old sobbed as she was jailed for 12 months, after striking up an illicit love affair with convicted death by dangerous driver Richard Bratin.
A housemaid and her boyfriend, both Asians, have appeared in the Misdemeanor Court in Fujairah for having an illicit love affair.
He undertakes the arduous task of decoding Scappi's journals and uncovers a history of deception, betrayal, and murder--all to protect an illicit love affair.
In May last year, Duterte said illicit love affairs have caused Ventura's death.
The pain of being parted from Denis had stabbed at her heart; she did believe she loved him and hoped he loved her, nor was she convinced that in 1958 illicit love should count as a hanging offence.
Camilla had a rough start when she joined the royal family due to her illicit love affair with Prince Charles while he was still married to Princess Diana.
COUNSELLINGbrParents should also create time off their busy schedule to talk to their children about illicit love affairs, which can turn deadly.
Last May Kiah Andrusjak - a prison officer who had an 'intense' illicit love affair with a notorious lifer at Strangeways - was jailed for eight months for misconduct in public office.
The new swords-and-sandals drama about the Trojan War and the illicit love affair between Paris and Helen is, by all accounts, a gory affair.