illicit love

See: adultery
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I thought that I saw through his eyes a human affair of that most sorrowful sort as it must appear to the Infinite Compassion; the book is a sort of revelation of human nature in circumstances that have been so perpetually lied about that we have almost lost the faculty of perceiving the truth concerning an illicit love.
As is indeed not unfrequent with women of unimpeachable virtue, weary of the monotony of respectable existence, at a distance she not only excused illicit love, she positively envied it.
The new swords-and-sandals drama about the Trojan War and the illicit love affair between Paris and Helen is, by all accounts, a gory affair.
With her hideous scars to serve as a constant reminder, Asha never forgets that it was her illicit love of the old stories that brought down the fiery wrath of Kozu, the First Dragon, on the people of Firgaard when she was just a child.
Zamora failed to point out that Senator De Lima's illicit love affair was an indispensable factor in the proliferation of illegal drugs in New Bilibid Prison (NBP).
These include husband's failure to fulfill family needs, staying out with friends for late hours, physical abuse, illicit love affairs and many other reasons.
He also admitted as being a product of an illicit love affair.
When he turns to his mentor, author Harry Quebert, he stumbles upon an illicit love affair 33 years ago, when Harry wrote his own best-selling novel.
We've found many of our members choose this time to keep their illicit love affair afloat and remind their lovers that they've been thinking about them.
The incident became a cause celebre, perhaps the result of sexual hysteria brought about by a dark place known for illicit love (Aeneas and Dido in book 4 of the Aeneid).
This subtle domestic drama morphs into a melodramatic crime story when an illicit love affair and a shocking outburst of violence throw the household into disarray.
The tragic tale of a queen, a soldier and an illicit love, culminates in Dido's heart-wrenching lament When I am Lain in Earth.