illicit profit

See: graft
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That difference between the price at the public auction and that at the second auction was the group's illicit profit, and it was divided among the conspirators in payoffs.
Brazilian federal prosecutors have been investigating allegations that the Company's suppliers conspired to overcharge Petrobras for major projects, funneling some of the illicit profit to former Petrobras executives and politicians in the form of bribes and illegal political donations since last year.
1) In addition, ISIL participates in a number of criminal activities to generate illicit profit.
It is possible for illicit profit to be generated for terrorist groups at different points in the process.
Aon says management tend to have an outdated image of a hacker as a lonely youth making mischief in cyber space but a more accurate picture is that of an organised, professional criminal carrying out targeted attacks to steal data for illicit profit.
Distribution is the way illicit profit benefits the richest countries, says Pemjean.
Prosecutors say the Galleon Group founder made $45 million in illicit profit from 2003 to March 2009 through insider trading.
It said Christofourou and Isaakidis concluded deals in Banca Transilvania shares and consequently sold those bought in their own names for an illicit profit of 196,505 lei ($58,410).
5 million, of which pounds 370,000 was illicit profit.
Mr Monti added: 'The companies' collusive behaviour enabled them to charge higher prices than if the full forces of competition had been in play, damaging consumers and allowing the companies to pocket illicit profits.
She sought to outlaw the use of Joe Camel in California, strip Reynolds of illicit profits and require that the money be used for research or other public purposes.
With illicit profits funding terror groups and organized crime, banks can no longer simply rely on teller memory to combat fraud.