illicit profit

See: graft
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The suspects have been charged with breach of trust and forgery of official documents with the purpose of earning illicit profit.
1) In addition, ISIL participates in a number of criminal activities to generate illicit profit.
If we apply this theory to price fixing, cartel formation will be deterred if the expected sanction (average fine times the probability of detection) is at least equal to the illicit profit obtained by cartel members.
Aon says management tend to have an outdated image of a hacker as a lonely youth making mischief in cyber space but a more accurate picture is that of an organised, professional criminal carrying out targeted attacks to steal data for illicit profit.
It also is a deadly public-safety threat that endangers the lives of drivers and passengers when dishonest body shops meddle with vehicles' airbags to make illicit profit at insurance companies' expense.
Distribution is the way illicit profit benefits the richest countries, says Pemjean.
He lamented that with the current unprecedented average daily fuel evacuation of 55 million litres since December 1, 2017 to date, it was imperative for security agencies to close-in on the smuggling syndicates who were cashing in on the obvious petrol price differentials between Nigeria and neighbouring countries to make illicit profit.
Minister of Justice Ahmed Al-Zind said negotiations were ongoing with 15 of those charged with making illicit profit to pay back funds in return for dropping charges against them, state news agency MENA reported.
Prosecutors say the Galleon Group founder made $45 million in illicit profit from 2003 to March 2009 through insider trading.
It said Christofourou and Isaakidis concluded deals in Banca Transilvania shares and consequently sold those bought in their own names for an illicit profit of 196,505 lei ($58,410).
5 million, of which pounds 370,000 was illicit profit.
In some areas where there are especially lucrative sources of illicit profit, the task-groups specialising in specific products such as cigarettes, alcohol or olive oil have shown that close cooperation between Member States and effective coordination at Community level can be very useful in uncovering large-scale trafficking, as can the efforts to introduce preventive measures at both Community and national levels".