illicit revenue

See: graft
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Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal Mandelker stressed in this regard that the Administration "is committed to defeating (IS) wherever it operates, denigrating its illicit revenue streams, and pursuing all financial conduits.
The people coalescing in this manner are connected one way or the other with the grand corruption that has kept Nigeria in the doldrums and they are also the ones that are losing their grips on the illicit revenue from corruption under the ongoing reforms.
Due to the high number of lines, this has the potential to aggregate to over PS2 million per week in illicit revenue.
The narcotics industry, corruption, and fraud are major sources of illicit revenue.
The Maali Comisyoon oversees and manages the financial flow of many of the Taliban's illicit revenue streams, including mining activities, kidnapping for ransom, and extorting NGOs.
They appear to have learned from organized crime how to launder money and move illicit revenue across borders.
As Android's market share rises and people use it more and more to store personal and corporate information, orfor online bankingor related services, cyber criminals will develop more malware to steal information, thus gaining illicit revenue.
The corruption helps fuel the Taliban insurgency -- not just through illicit revenue, but by discrediting American talk about the rule of law.
officials estimated that in-country illicit revenue from the 2006 opium poppy crop reached over $3 billion, sustaining fears that Afghanistan's economic recovery continues to be underwritten by drug profits.
THERE are more active fraud cases being investigated by the European Union (EU) anti-fraud office OLAF involving cigarettes than any other source of illicit revenue, says the agency's latest annual report.
Illegal drugs are a $65 billion-a-year business, so it's no wonder cash-strapped states would want to get their hands on some of that illicit revenue.