illicit revenue

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Carbon Black TAU researchers Greg Foss (@Heinzarelli) and Marina Liang (@51Bmarina) presented their research in a report released today: "Access Mining: How a Prominent Cryptomining Botnet is Paving the Way for a Lucrative and Illicit Revenue Model."
The resulting efforts in macro and micro-financing projects and local maritime training helped to stop the demand for pirate activity by substituting illicit revenue with improvements in infrastructure.
Among the ASEAN members, the Philippines is considered one of the countries with the lowest money laundering risk although illicit revenue flows remain a problem.
The poppy cultivation, a major source of illicit revenue for Taliban and even government administration at lower levels in some of the provinces is at height.
"The global illegal wildlife trade generates between $7 billion and $23 billion in illicit revenue every year," said Kaddu Sebunya, President, AWF.
Through security cooperation under the Merida Initiative, INL is building Mexico's capacity to eradicate opium poppy crops, reduce illicit drug production, increase illicit drug interdictions, bring drug traffickers to justice and seize traffickers' illicit revenue. Since 2016, Mexican officials trained by the U.S.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the sanctions wee intended to stop the flow of "illicit revenue" to North Korea from overseas information technology workers allegedly disguising their true identities.
"The United States will continue to enforce UN and US sanctions and shut down illicit revenue streams to North Korea," US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.
'The people coalescing in this manner are connected one way or the other with the grand corruption that has kept Nigeria in the doldrums and they are also the ones that are losing their grips on the illicit revenue from corruption under the ongoing reforms.
Due to the high number of lines, this has the potential to aggregate to over PS2 million per week in illicit revenue.
The narcotics industry, corruption, and fraud are major sources of illicit revenue. Afghanistan has a small banking sector but large enforcement and regulatory challenges, even though most of its banks strive to adhere to international standards.
The Maali Comisyoon oversees and manages the financial flow of many of the Taliban's illicit revenue streams, including mining activities, kidnapping for ransom, and extorting NGOs.