illicit revenue

See: graft
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The narcotics trade, corruption, and contract fraud are major sources of illicit revenue and laundered funds.
They appear to have learned from organized crime how to launder money and move illicit revenue across borders.
Clear Sky is calling for international collaboration to ensure anti-piracy efforts are optimised by changing the status quo, a situation that sees brands - sometimes unwittingly - fuelling the illicit revenue of these sites and consequently exacerbating the global problem," said Pavel (Paul) Mykolyuk - the director of the law firm Vindex, industry expert and key member of the Clear Sky content partnership.
As Android's market share rises and people use it more and more to store personal and corporate information, orfor online bankingor related services, cyber criminals will develop more malware to steal information, thus gaining illicit revenue.
The corruption helps fuel the Taliban insurgency -- not just through illicit revenue, but by discrediting American talk about the rule of law.
THERE are more active fraud cases being investigated by the European Union (EU) anti-fraud office OLAF involving cigarettes than any other source of illicit revenue, says the agency's latest annual report.
Global Counter Terrorism - Session topics are: Counterterrorism, Homeland Security and Budgets in the Next Administration; Extremism, Foreign and Domestic; Event Security; The Iranian-Hezbollah Threat; and Transnational Criminal Financing: How global crime and terrorist groups hide, launder and move their illicit revenue
The narcotics trade, corruption and contract fraud are major sources of illicit revenue and laundered funds.
Flashback was used to fraudulently click on advertisements in order to generate illicit revenue in a type of scam known as click fraud.
Customs service estimates there are now over 100,000 child pornography sites worldwide, and estimates the illicit revenue generated by these sites to be at least $200 million a year.
Most of the drug dealing in the region is controlled by gangs, generating billions of dollars in illicit revenue.
London, July 17 ( ANI ): Ads from Google and other big web advertisers will be banned from sites offering link to pirated content as result of US scheme intended to get rid of illicit revenues.