illicit scheme

See: racket
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The expedited proceeding brought by XPO in the Paris Commercial Court constitutes a first step in the proceedings that XPO will take to sanction Elliott's illicit scheme.
Upon his apprehension, the infringer confessed to the illicit scheme and agreed to stop all piracy activities and to pay a substantial fine, including repayment of illegal profits garnered from the sales as well as penalties for copyright infringement under Vietnamese law.
He lost his job at Garlands call centre in Preston Farm, Stockton, after his illicit scheme was quickly uncovered.
The collapse of this illicit scheme to thwart the democratic process gave us a rare insight into what sort of things go on so often behind the supervisors' closed doors.
s superior technology in the marketplace, devised an illicit scheme to drive Avant
Paul from competition; (b) the Company's illicit scheme exposed the Company to significant regulatory penalties and threatened loss of consumer goodwill jeopardizing the Company's ability to sustain any performance in its legitimate business practices; (c) the Company's revenues and earnings would have been significantly less had the Company not engaged in such unlawful practices; (d) and the Company's prospects were at risk because its business and revenue could and would not be sustained when the public learned of its unlawful practice alleged herein.
The lawsuit describes how the defendants misappropriated and misused confidential and proprietary information provided by Halmos, such as marketing techniques and financial information, and manipulated SafeCard stock in pursuit of an illicit scheme to "eliminate" SafeCard and Peter Halmos and position FDR to become a "major player" in the credit card registration and enhancement market at SafeCard's and Halmos' expense.
BCBSO's petition says the "Fraud Squad" discovered that, unbeknownst to BCBSO, University Hospitals "had engaged and was engaging in an illicit scheme to triple bill BCBSO for outpatient psychiatric care.
telephones and facsimile transmissions, in furtherance of the illicit scheme.
telephone or facsimile transmissions, in furtherance of the illicit scheme.
Rodriguez said the illicit scheme was revealed by the International Association of Oral and Toxicology, which is also seeking to ban the dental amalgam in the Philippines.
His sidekick Damien McPhilips, 44, is also serving a four-year term in Belgium for his role in the illicit scheme.