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Some of the 9-11 hijackers "used illicitly obtained state driver's licenses to help carry out their wicked deeds," he continues, sensibly observing that bogus IDs "are a direct and genuine challenge to our homeland security.
Kids no longer illicitly have to use drained swimming pools; these days there are plenty of places for skateboarders and BMX stunt drivers to get their kicks.
Police believe the coins -- worth about 48 yen each at the current rate of exchange -- were used illicitly in vending machines to obtain 500 yen coins by pressing the coin-return lever or to receive change in yen coins after purchasing goods.
Nations that illicitly produce biological weapons often favor spores of anthrax to pack the deadly punch.
Hernandez claimed that he invented a certain telecommunications system, which he referred to as the "Sistema Alto Trafico" (High Traffic System), and claimed that Telmex was illicitly using this system under the Mexican copyright law.
Toxic oil syndrome, or TOS, appeared as a new disease in Spain in 1981 when thousands of people consumed denatured rapeseed oil sold illicitly as pure olive oil.
1tn flowed illicitly out of developing and emerging economies in the year 2013.
PESHAWAR -- As a part of the Provincial government drive against illicit cutting of trees / forests in the province and other corrupt practices, Secretary Forestry, Environment and Wildlife Department made a surprise visit of Satora Range of Haripur Forest Division and noticed that 307 number of illicitly cut trees of different diameters were found lying there.
The plant has also illicitly pumped water to its sewers to reduce the concentration of the waste water and appear its as "look clean", as per the announcement.
Lebanon and Tripoli of illicitly making handsome money out of the cleaning process for decades now, Akkar municipalities demanded an equitable fair treatment when spending properly allocated funds arguing that all municipalities must have an equal share.
Nazif is accused of using his power to illicitly gain EGP 64m in assets, including shares in telecommunications firms.
In two new reports on money laundering and terror financing risks, the Treasury said some $300 billion in illicitly generated funds each year enters the economy, most of it from fraud but large chunks from the drug trade and other activities.