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Levitas captures here, along with Thomas Osborne in his article, a crucial ambivalence of utopia, which is characteristically illimited in its desires and bound by the anxiety related to the tragic human end.
Like Hardy's "Darkling Thrush," Night Music marks the end of a century with sonic intimations of an invisible world, though where Hardy heard "a full-hearted evensong / Of joy illimited," presaging "Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew / And I was unaware" Wright's music bears a more equivocal message:
Again, in Petrarch's Canzone of the Visions, the visio appears only in the frame, limiting and illimited, of the 'fenestra' from which the poet looks out, and conversely, with a jump which perhaps separates Middle and Modern Age, the 'empty' north window, from which Laura has never been seen, makes her absence perceptible, just as the places which still bear her signs (RVF 100).