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ILLITERATE. This term is applied to one unacquainted with letters.
     2. When an ignorant man, unable to read, signs a deed or agreement, or makes his mark instead of a signature, and he alleges, and can provide that it was falsely read to him, he is not bound by it, in consequence of the fraud. And the same effect would result, if the deed or agreement were falsely read to a blind man, who could have read before he lost his sight, or to a foreigner who did not understand the language. For a plea of "laymen and unlettered," see Bauer v. Roth, 4 Rawle, Rep. 85 and pp. 94, 95.
     3. To induce an illiterate man, by false representations and false reading, to sign a note for a greater amount than that agreed on, is indictable as a cheat. 1 Yerg. 76. Vide, generally, 2 Nels. Ab. 946; 2 Co. 3; 11 Co. 28; Moor, 148.

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ISLAMABAD -- Chairperson National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) Razina Alam Khan said that all the goals would be achieve with the support and help of stakeholders because the education of around 60 million illiterate persons is the main target of government.
There are 145,000 illiterates who are attaining basic literacy skills, she said.
1 percent in 2016, which means about 90,000 persons over 15 years of age are classified as illiterate in 2016.
In the United States, for example, the US National Assessment of Adult Literacy found last year that fewer than 2 percent of American adults (15 and older) were illiterate, but an additional 12 percent were functionally illiterate and effectively pushed out of the work force for anything but stoop labor and ditch-digging jobs.
7 -- "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn," as said by Alvin Toffler, the American writer and futurist whom Financial Times portrayed as the world's most famous futurologist.
BAGUIO -- The process of building a Bangsamoro region has started in Congress, but literacy advocates on Friday said one of the government's crucial problems in the transition from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) to a new region is an illiterate work force.
The last statistics by the Literacy and Adult Education Organization in 2004 showed that there are 6,245,464 illiterates in Yemen above 10 years old," he said.
It effectively means more than 99% (41,253) of the illiterates are non-Qataris.
In the 2006 statistics, they were counted as illiterates because, according to the research center at the American University in Cairo, 30 percent of dropouts who stay away from school for a long period eventually become illiterate.
Interacting with the group, President Patil said that despite tangible progress having been made in reducing illiteracy since Independence, even today one-third of Indians are illiterate.
Arab League Secretary General broke startling news to al-Mutanabbi's descendants when he announced that the Arab world's population of illiterates has now reached 100 million.
He waited until the charges against him expired and returned to a Peru in transition, ready to assume the presidency in a country where more than 54% are poor and uneducated, and where illiterates have the right to vote and are thus susceptible to being deceived by sophistic politicians like Garcia.