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The Iranian Supreme Leader further asked if there is any more need to attend talks with the US while Washington has repeatedly proved to be illogical in negotiations with Iran.
It would also give a stamp of approval to the illogical notion that protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination is a "special right.
For some, ``The Grudge'' will seem just as illogical and redundant as most horror films.
It is illogical to say that death is intrinsically repellent; rather, we come to repel it, to say No to death.
It would be completely illogical for the agencies or the businesses to slow down in the fight to reduce emissions,'' said Matt Haber, the EPA's deputy director for the Pacific Southwest air division.
In his recent show, Stephen Ellis' spare abstractions evoked various states of architectural and photographic decay, creating illogical spaces and surfaces that sometimes resembled images degraded into abstraction by excessive replication.
In Nonsense, the subject of interrogation is gradually unsettled by the illogical questions posed.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast called on French officials to acknowledge realities about Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, and avoid illogical statements against Tehran.
While seismic-hazard zones have been established over thousands of acres from San Francisco to Orange County, Lancaster officials said the proposal for their city is illogical, based on a high-groundwater table that disappeared decades ago.
Addressing thousands of visitors from the Northwestern city of Tabriz today, the leader lambasted the US officials' illogical behavior, which, he said, is comprised of contradictory remarks and actions and a spirit of bullying.