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Most illogical, inconsequential, and light- headed, this; but travellers in the valley of the shadow of death are apt to be light-headed; and worn-out old people of low estate have a trick of reasoning as indifferently as they live, and doubtless would appreciate our Poor Law more philosophically on an income of ten thousand a year.
THE JUDGE IN THE CHRIS EVANS COURT BATTLE: We seem to have an illogical affection for people who destroy their own talents.
Regulation is burdensome and often illogical," said spokesman Patrick W.
As for New Street itself, I see nothing particularly illogical about its name.
22, The US Rejection of the Composite Protocol: A Huge Mistake Based on Illogical Assessments" discusses the July 2001 decision by the U.
MYTH #1: Globalization yields worthless absurdities because markets are illogical.
NET vision takes Windows Update to an illogical end.
Mussa says that from the Arab point of view, the continuing embargo created an unacceptable and illogical situation.
The price has gone up so much that it's illogical, so I'm advising [my] clients to sell.
However, most importantly Lessig is on record as believing that any breakup of Microsoft is illogical and unnecessary to an appropriate level of sanctions or to protect the public's interest in the resolution of the case.
As in other essays, she draws from her personal and communal history in Georgia, thereby positioning her cultural history as the dominant source for many seemingly illogical mores and beliefs.
It is illogical to assume that the average American congregation will endorse significant social changes through consensus.