illogical conclusion

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It will lead him, in the most logical progression, to what, in the eyes of artists, would be a most illogical conclusion.
This illogical conclusion is heavily grounded in a field of study known as behavioral economics.
Such cult intoxication may lead society to a blind and illogical conclusion and eventually to utter anarchy.
Trouble is, there's an irritating reasoning to them and she pushes and pushes until each one is taken to either a logical or an illogical conclusion.
This book takes an important theme about being what you eat and takes it to its illogical conclusion.
This assumption--which reaches its illogical conclusion during times of national panic, when do-something busybodies like Michael Bloomberg will say that it doesn't matter what Washington does, it just needs to do something--is oblivious to the law of unintended consequences, to the reality of corporatist lobbying, and to the limitations of government power.
On some of them, life has seemed to have come to an illogical conclusion prematurely.
She's the Now, Now Generation taken to its illogical conclusion.
Then too we can carry to its illogical conclusion the homosexual activists' false argument that all opposition to their lifestyle is discriminatory, even hatred, because the very same argument can be used by polygamists, rapists, pedophiles, child abusers, those who revel in pornography, incest, bestiality, etc.
To hold otherwise would lead to the rather illogical conclusion that one could obtain protection from personal liability forever by forming an Illinois LLC and doing business under its name, even while allowing it to be administratively dissolve at the end of its first year of operation.
Perhaps this is evidence that the city's fee spree has reached its illogical conclusion.
Alexander's unscientific and illogical conclusion as to why the boy rebelled at his forced gender change was that his parents didn't raise him consistently as a girl so it "didn't turn out well.