illogical result

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Exempting clubs would be the most illogical result of all - saying in effect that bar workers in such clubs are less in need of protection from second-hand smoke than those in every other licensed premises in England.
The non-taxation of services does not always produce an illogical result.
Obviously, this produces the illogical result of requiring consumers to pay more for mortgage credit when unaffiliated providers are used.
Common sense on either side of the debate is lacking, so we end up with a most illogical result.
In this situation the guideline is producing an illogical result due to the fact that the rental property is depreciated for financial reporting purposes even though it is increasing in value (as represented by growth in cash flows from rentals).
This illogical result, for which there does not appear to be any policy rationale, has been confirmed in IRS Letter Ruling (TAM) 8008013: The five percent prior law] limitation of section 170(b)(2) .
C) Journalists, critics and fans often cite illogical results and unexplainable play as the evidence of match fixing even though there have been few investigations and proven cases over the last twenty years.
But retailers measure their shrink differently, and if you compare apples and oranges, you are likely to obtain illogical results.
And if you compare apples to oranges, you are likely to obtain illogical results.
Therefore, one can only conclude, from the illogical results of fighting terrorism by a united world, that the whole world is not united after all in- the war against terror, and that there must be even some parties which sponsor those terrorists.
When parents have two or more children under age 14 with UI, applying these rules becomes very complicated and can lead to unusual and illogical results.