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Where, however, the circumstances of an alleged conspiracy are presented in some detail by British officers after the event, contain obvious illogicalities and inconsistencies, and confer certain political benefits on the accusers if believed, then [1979:1273-74] the case deserves closer scrutiny.
As Sutherland observes: ``You could argue that there's something rather beautiful about the illogicalities.
Illogicalities aside, we have now lost Hardy entirely.
Of all the inanities and illogicalities that have surrounded Washington's relentless push for war perhaps none is bigger than the fact that the US got what it wanted without firing a single bullet.
The illogicalities and insoluble conundrums of stakeholderism have arisen over the past twenty years because the doctrine itself has changed significantly.
These concerns with illogicalities, especially in the embedded narrative stories of Aristomenes and Thelyphron, have some marginal validity, but too often impose twentieth-century standards of realism and consistency which both Homer and Vergil would fail; they also exclude deliberate narrative confusion and misleading which has since been seen as a characteristic Apuleian trait, and effects such as dramatic irony or the second-time reader.
Wagner-Lawlor goes on to claim that "neo-Bakhtinian" and "neo-Derridean" cultural studies have led to a fertile critical context for the study of humor and comedy, and to claim, by way of linking the disparate chapters of the book, that each chapter supposes "that there exists a dialogic interchange between the humorous text and its culture," that the texts "function politically by revealing contradictions in ideological discourses" and by "exposing repressed illogicalities and prejudices .
British horses as a whole are no longer so trained because of the illogicalities and abuses which now pervade the system.