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British horses as a whole are no longer so trained because of the illogicalities and abuses which now pervade the system.
Having read through these volumes one is left with the knowledge that, whatever its many faults and weaknesses, its inconsistencies, illogicalities and failures spread over 400 years, the world was and is a better place because the British Empire existed.
There is no doubt that the Commonwealth, for all its problems, illogicalities, and hypocrisies, enters the 21st century in a vibrant state.
I, for one, couldn't find any irritating inconsistencies or illogicalities, but then I admit I'm no Star Wars junkie.
In an age when scholarship has abandoned its belief in the `illimitable stupidity of redactors', we shall be glad to find that Pamphilus has not misquoted Origen, and Rufinus has not fathered any wilful illogicalities on Pamphilus.
As a case study, Levin shows how the scrupulous transmission of puzzling notational quirks in the autograph score of the C minor concerto K491 leads to performance illogicalities.
The very logic that analysis tries to uncover is also the cause of the illogicalities in the works.
There were too many illogicalities, internal contradictions and dramatic irrelevances, not to mention contrived divertissements and other meretricious attractions, for it to be capable of operating at a level other than that of sheer entertainment.
He knew himself he was not a poet, and felt he was an ineffective bystander, with confused and bruised ideas about Life and its illogicalities and inequalities.
Again, it is not the illogicalities deployed in the argument, nor the strange causes identified, that merit attention, so much as the fact that Lord Rees-Mogg felt impelled to contrive such an excruciating plea in mitigation on behalf of his friends.