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The stark difference between human and canine psychological treatment is that people are able to understand the illogicality of their predicament and - most importantly - consent to treatment.
By the illogicality and power of memory, the gallery is still there.
Thus, my hope is that this Article furthers a burgeoning dialogue that addresses the illogicality of precluding millions of Americans from performing an essential civic duty.
Brazil's representative too pointed out the illogicality of China's position.
92) that surveyed archaeologists who will not join IFA because 'it doesn't represent them' fall to see the illogicality of their line of reasoning.
Funny art of the late twentieth century can be split, broadly speaking, into two camps: sarcastic art that tactically reveals the illogicality of passively accepted social mores (Mike Kelley, Lee Lozano, Peter Saul), and art deploying a more subjective humor that draws from personal reference points.
It is this illogicality that forms the conceptual starting point of the study, although one is immediately surprised by the book's title.
Indeed, the most common practices among Objectivist writers in the anarchy/minarchy debate have been to ignore evidence, or to dismiss it, usually unexamined, and to continue to rely on faulty arguments long after their illogicality has been exposed.
In its very illogicality it underlined the intention of employers and workers to talk to each other.
The temporal illogicality of after before is perhaps the most unsettling to me, given that, whereas India gained its independence in 1947 and most other of Britain's colonies in the 1960s, I work at a university named after a Scottish explorer of Canada and live in a province called British Columbia in a culturally diverse Dominion of Canada, whose Head of State is the sovereign of the nation that colonized the indigenous peoples and my own French ancestors, a paradigm that calls to mind Ngugi wa Thiong'o's phrase "decolonising the mind.