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The use of language is replete with fallacies and strategies that are used as tools to practice power over people by controlling their minds and convincing them often with illogicality in the language.
At the novel's structural and thematic centre is Alice's first conversation with the Cheshire Cat, which brings to the fore the illogicality of the systems that govern Wonderland (and, by suggestion, the adult Victorian world).
MacDonald and the Illogicality of the Reasonable Belief Requirement for Safety Searches" (2015) 6s:1&2 Crim LQ 43.
Moreover, other signs of formal thought disorder such as illogicality, concrete thinking, and circumstantiality may occur both in schizophrenia and in individuals with borderline intelligence in absence of psychosis.
"It is a new parliament and I think new Members of Parliament will want to think very carefully about how we best deal with Isil, and the illogicality of Isil not respecting the borderlines - they don't differentiate between Syria and Iraq, they are establishing this evil caliphate across both countries.
It didn't provide an explanation to any of the questions the audience were asking, but rather went along with its illogicality. However, for anyone who doesn't like Vince Vaughn movies, this is not a film for you.
WHILE I am delighted that a Japanese firm operating in the North East will have responsibility for building HS2 trains, I am at a loss to understand why our Government and North East MPs of all parties cannot seem to see the illogicality of the North East having no new HS tracks to deliver and run the trains on when HS2 actually comes into use.
the illogicality of imagining that love goes out to meet the unlovableover-high and unrealistic ego-idealsa cabining and confining a repression and suppression of the spontaneity of self-confidence and the warmth of affection--all these have turned life in upon itself." (88)
Closely associated with Wednesbury unreasonableness is the common law doctrine of irrationality or illogicality. (38) It too has suffered from some disfavour, If and when relief should be available has been highly controversial.
Prosecutor general Luigi Riello had described it as "a rare mix of violation of the law and illogicality and should be overturned," and accused the appeal judge of having "lost his way".
Therefore, repetition and reiteration reflect the crisis of logos and reason when faced with genocide, since the babble of words is the most appropriate metaphor of the illogicality of history.
As Gaddafi exercised absolute power with everything under his control, rebelling against his authoritarianism and achieving victory over it were, for some, a kind of impossibility and illogicality.