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The indoor illuminance is being measured by standalone sensors (Figure 3c).
According to the values of confusion matrix, the activities from illuminance category A is the most easily identified, while the recognition of activities from C category (work on the computer) is the most complicated.
Experimental results show that the solar cell is good enough for detecting the downlink signal satisfying the FEC limit even at extremely low illuminance of 100 lux.
The Whole Building Design Guide notes that an analysis can simulate a given climate, predict illuminance levels, determine dimming and switching response, and estimate annual savings.
Lighting standards and codes usually provide recommended illuminance ratios between the task area and its surroundings according EN 12 464-1 [21].
This can be regulated by the illuminance whichis measured in Lux (lx).
From the average %DF values, how bright they translate into illuminance level in the rooms under the real Malaysian skies could be seen in the average, max and min Li data collected.
The optimization criterion for daylight was Illuminance E, the luminous flux incident on a surface per unit area.
In addition to these parameters, the RTR-574-H is also capable of displaying cumulative illuminance from Olxh to 90Mbch and cumulative ultraviolet light from OmW to 62W/cm2h.
In fact, the aim of Nurick's energy group is twofold--to replace lighting powered from the national grid with solar illuminance using technology to optimise potential day lighting and to provide an energy source in the absence of a national grid or other energy sources in electrical energy-deprived regions.
An experiment was designed to determine the effect that two variables have on the illuminance of the part; the RMS voltage (V) and the frequency of oscillation (F) of the AC supply.