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It is possible to calculate the added benefit and/or the reduced cost of illuminating a parking lot based upon perceived brightness, for example, to 57 lux with either an HPS or with a 6500K LED lighting system; 57 lux was chosen because in a recent study this was the average illuminance needed in a university parking lot for pedestrians to feel safe and secure under an HPS lighting system.
During illuminance characterization, results were gathered from all screen printed and basic airbrushed devices but only three out of the five in-mold made parts illuminated over the whole area of the EL device; and of those three, all failed at the highest operating conditions (the values recorded during the test were the highest illuminance achieved before failure).
This can be achieved with axially symmetrical light distributions with closely spaced illuminance distribution perpendicular to the wall to effectively illuminate high walls and minimize spill light in the room (Figs.
Re_T5 and Sq_LED lightings were compared to each other at different illuminance levels.
Peter Boyce, in his article "The Value Proposition-Changing Course on Benefits" in the November 2014 issue of LD+A, warns that "the emphasis in too much lighting practice is simply to meet [Handbook] illuminance recommenda tions at minimum cost, the recommended illuminance being taken as a proxy for benefits.
Based on roadway analysis, the utility can also make independent plots for the illuminance or intensity of a single luminaire at a roadway surface.
Models based on the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) were found to be less accurate for both groups than more "basic" indicators of vertical illuminance and irradiance.
Consequently, it shows that performance indicators derived from the illuminance distribution, also correspond.
This is absolutely an illuminance of 150 lux at a working height of 0.
Her concern was with the inadequacy of current lighting standards based on roadway illuminance for ensuring the visibility of targets for drivers and for making the sidewalks appear safe to pedestrians.