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Lta - visible light transmission using illuminant A
While sources approximating the CIE standard illuminants for daylight and incandescent lights were easily implemented, the fluorescent illuminant proved to be a problem.
The color match under the three illuminants is computed and then visually verified under the different standardized lights in a viewing area.
Rainnie's Illuminant Midnight Project has 30 days in which to reach its goal of [pounds sterling]15,000 before it concludes on May 19th.
The decorative coatings industry has followed recommend guidelines for many decades, producing color matches that are acceptable under a series of standard illuminants that are representative of the lamp lights in most common facilities," said Rich.
Dans son essai illuminant, Agnes Spiquel se penche sur des textes souvent restes inedits et a l'etat de brouillons que Camus a ecrits des l'age de dix-neuf ans, et demontre dans quelle mesure ces textes constituent la matrice des oeuvres qui suivent dont L'Envers et l'Endroit, La Mort heureuse et L'Etranger.
The swelling was non-compressible and non-trans illuminant.
These devices measure tristimulus values according to CIE illuminant and observer conditions.
The term "full spectrum" typically implies either a blackbody source (for color temperatures below 4,000K) or a CIE daylight illuminant.
forces with night vision devices without giving unaided enemy forces visible light illumination when using the M127A1 Signal Illuminant White Star Parachute.
h scale color parameters determined when applying illuminant c and observer 2[degrees] and illuminant d65 and observer 10[degrees] and proximate chemical composition and quality traits of porcine longissimus lumborum muscle.
The new instrument goes well beyond the capabilities of existing colorimeters with advanced features that identify color differences between samples and standards, opacity, and grayscale assessment, as well as highlighting how colors may change in appearance under D65 daylight and Illuminant A household tungsten-filament lighting,