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MetaJure ILLUMINATE can be deployed on premise behind a firewall or on the private MetaJure cloud hosted by LexisNexis[R].
We look forward to collaborating with Illuminate to advise investee companies as they refine their business models and define their go-to-market approach.
Radcliff's carefully structured analysis of place and process in Gijon illuminates the ways in which powerful upheavals took shape in smaller yet nonetheless important cities.
In this volume, she considers the autobiographical adoption narrative as a genre of self-making that illuminates two distinctive eras: the 1945-1970 period, when secrecy was at its height, and the post-1970 period of vigorous critique and reform.
The TriPower Tactical Sight has a red chevron-shaped reticle that illuminates by using three lighting sources, an integrated fiber-optic system, a tritium-illuminated reticle and an on-call battery backup.
Light pollution--the artificial light that illuminates more than its intended target area--has become a problem of increasing concern across the country over the past 15 years.