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The addition of American Illuminating Company has reportedly been an integral part of the overall strategy of Premier and is intended to create dramatically more revenue from the same effort previously being expended on "commission-only" sales.
The advancements of technology, standards, and the practice of illuminating engineering are detailed in the second chapter.
As per Lena GillstrE[micro]m, managing director of Weapon Systems, Sweden at BAE Systems, This award builds on more than 45 years of 105mm Illuminating Shell development.
In addition to the Connecticut Light & Power rate increase, United Illuminating has also released their proposed rates.
The gendered character of hobbies will not surprise most readers, but Gelber does extend the story in surprising and illuminating ways that build on the fine work of feminist historians of domestic architecture.
In almost every town, big and small, street lights beam just as much light up and out as they do down, illuminating much more than just the street.
For Dempsey, Brown's strengths lie in illuminating the social historical context of Spain and its ruling court, and his weaknesses emerge in his writing of Velazquez as a painter.