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I suspect that for me Felicite's love for her parrot is an act of sublime and fetishistic creativity, transforming the chaotic detritus of the world into a fabric of illuminative redemption, a form of cargo cult, in fact.
Block Party's trainer Roger Charlton had earlier won the 1m maiden for older horses with Classically, who led over a furlong out and was always comfortably holding the hot favourite Illuminative.
In the second stage, the illuminative way, the seven gifts of the Spirit further strengthen the soul's powers (potentiae expediantur).
But there is a point at which even persuasive reasons, aspirative prayer, meditative reading, and attention to the soul's best industries (Hugh's four categories in the first part of the illuminative way) must cease.
R L 5 46084 ILLuMINATIVE 6 (P) Miss Z Davison 5-8-11 .
Therefore, if one were to explore the meaning and critically important contributions and services of ethics leaders and structures, it would be an enriching and illuminative experience to reflect upon how such leaders, committees, boards, or other bodies are as much about enriching and promoting the character of persons and institutions as they are about preventing non-compliance or failure to meet obligations and expectations.
Patented recently is an article to be worn about a wearer including features that glow in the dark, are illuminative, are light emitting, or are reflective.
Far from criticizing what Rethinking Rights has accomplished, I hope questions such as this will goad the contributors on to continue their illuminative work.
West Indians' various paths to the Bronx over the twentieth century offer an illuminative example of this trend.
Mental prayer, that is, discursive meditation, is appropriate to the purgative stage, while affective prayer is characteristic of the illuminative way where one moves from an intellective focus to devout affections and acts of the will.
He makes clear that while the book's primary intended audience is Pentecostals seeking a "more integrated theological world- and life-view that includes the sciences," it is also hoped that the text may prove illuminative for scholars involved in broader religion-and-science conversations (xxii).
The fact that both managers coach such illuminative characters as Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben, Frank Ribery and Lucio was hardly ever mentioned, such is the magnetism of the two protagonists.