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Super Vision International is a major optical fiber and illuminator manufacturer, producing innovative applications for the architectural, military, and security markets.
NASDAQ: STKR), an independent supplier of photonics-based products, today announced that they have been awarded an initial contract from Elsag spa, a Genova, Italy based company for custom designed, infrared light-emitting diode (LED) illuminators.
Inter Action is a Japanese public company (listed on "Mothers" of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market) that develops and manufactures illuminators for testing CCD and CMOS Imager, having more than 60% worldwide market share in this field.
The researchers experimented with a solid-state illuminator to provide short-term preharvest light treatment of lettuce, marjoram, and green onions.
The 500 volunteer illuminators we want to recruit for this event will also play a crucial role in creating the line of light.
The essays, written by senior scholars in the field, address various questions found in the artists' manuscript paintings, their influence on other illuminators, and what we can learn about the Limbourg brothers from their work (this essay is in German).
Our LB24 fiber-optic illuminators provide customers with unmatched value against competitive products and technologies," said Doug Rutan, Welch Allyn marketing manager.
PS 616 (Mar 04) gave a good rundown of what sights, lasers and infrared illuminators can be used on which rifles and machine guns.
It's interesting because sometimes illuminators will paint paintings of themselves painting the miniatures, and you can see that the paint is in little shells and you can see what colors they're using and what their table looks like,'' she says.
Skin illuminators are unlike foundations as they rely on light reflection rather than coverage to enhance the skin.
The Divine Liturgy changed little, and Armenian scribes, illuminators, and binders remained largely faithful to traditional formats, images, and even materials (for illuminators a palette of limited, intense, mineral pigments).