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Neither does he encounter her on the smooth-rolled, tree shaded Boulevard, in the green and sunny park, whither she repairs clad in her becoming walking dress, her scarf thrown with grace over her shoulders, her little bonnet scarcely screening her curls, the red rose under its brim adding a new tint to the softer rose on her cheek; her face and eyes, too, illumined with smiles, perhaps as transient as the sunshine of the gala-day, but also quite as brilliant; it is not his office to walk by her side, to listen to her lively chat, to carry her parasol, scarcely larger than a broad green leaf, to lead in a ribbon her Blenheim spaniel or Italian greyhound.
The young prince exhibited, when bowing to some windows from which issued the most animated acclamations, a noble and handsome countenance, illumined by the flambeaux of his pages.
Zardari said Bhutto illumined the path for the coming generations.
A sea of candlelight illumined the length of Osmena Boulevard in Cebu City where different images of the Blessed Virgin Mary were brought in procession in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal.
Nearly a century of biblical and related archaeological discoveries in the world of ancient Greece and Rome had by then illumined and enriched biblical studies of all sorts, and fired the imaginations of Christians everywhere.
Tenders are invited for Erecting/hire charges of old hordmg/road cross gate Advertisement on wall and any other type of advertisement within Angul Municipality area (excepted illumined hording at poles on road dividers)
The display of lights, once illumined, beckoned the spirit of Christmas; accompanied by music and choreography.
In the middle of the night, the cave illumined with candles, Francis, serving as deacon for that Christmas Mass, read the gospel and preached.
The scholars visited the museum after attending "The Illumined Word" seminar at the Museum of Islamic Art.
Festive holiday music from a brass quartet and vocal soloist set the scene as the huge "Freedom Tree'' on the old town common are illumined for the holidays.
Andrews) presents a critical and historically illumined approach to Christian, specifically Quaker spirituality.
While felicitating the party workers on the occasion, the President also reiterated determination to tread on the path illumined by the founding Chairman of the Party.