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ILLUSION. A species of mania in which the sensibility of the nervous system is altered, excited, weakened or perverted. The patient is deceived by the false appearance of things, and his reason is not sufficiently active and powerful to correct the error, and this last particular is what distinguishes the sane from the insane. Illusions are not unfrequent in a state of health, but reason corrects the errors and dissipates them. A square tower seen from a distance may appear round, but on approaching it, the error is corrected. A distant mountain may be taken for a cloud, but as we approach, we discover the truth. To a person in the cabin of a vessel under sail, the shore appears to move; but reflection and a closer examination soon destroy this illusion. An insane individual is mistaken on the qualities, connexions, and causes of the impressions he actually receives, and he forms wrong judgments as to his internal and external sensations; and his reason does not correct the error. 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 538; Esquirol, Maladies Mentales, prem. partie, III., tome 1, p. 202. Dict. des Sciences Medicales, Hallucination, tome 20, p. 64. See Hallucination.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She spent a whopping 230 hours on the Alan Carr portrait, putting an image of him into a computer programme to create a pattern, before painstakingly placing each strand of wool to make up the illusional art.
ORS generally is regarded as delusional, with possible secondary illusional misinterpretations and referential thinking.
Schatz does not want merely to see his subjects or look upon their images; he wants the experience of connecting with the homeless away from the chaos of their transient environments, as if the illusional eye-to-eye contact, facilitated by the fall of a shutter, is akin to a form of communion.
Meyerhold consciously worked to liberate theatrical space from the box-set with its illusional painted scenery and proscenium arch.
The boy acquires a magic ticket that allows him to penetrate the illusional world of the film.
Visitors to this house will be disappointed if they expect it to be covered in those similar illusional paintings.
The disappearing company syndrome is not restricted to the USA: Taiwanese company Holo Impressions was reported to be issuing a series of Dinosaur and Illusional Art holographic stickers.
Likewise, through Buddhism one learns that the worldly self is illusional, and that the current self's faults and unhappiness are karmic products of previous experience in past and present lives.