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One of the most appalling practices of the government has been its coordinated and sinister attempt to sink a private bank due to the affiliations of some of its shareholders with the faith-based Hizmet movement, which the government illusively claims to be behind a putsch to derail the country on its journey to become a glorious nation with Erdoy-an at the helm.
In the notes of the second volume of L'ancien regime et la revolution, Tocqueville warns of the danger inherent in the enlightened rationalist optimism that quickly manipulates and destroys institutions in order to bring everything under state organization on society's behalf; that interprets tolerance as hostility to the church, but not to politics; that illusively welcomes measures of medication intellectuel, such as transferring education from church to state; that believes political power can bend people to its will; and that at the same time defends free trade and political and legislative intervention because, in the end, human beings do not enjoy the "general right to govern themselves" (1982, 2:230-34, 271,292).
Think of Ruth Duckworth revealing the delicate voluptuousness of porcelain, and you may see in Peterson s textured surfaces, soft colours and illusively minimal forms how she is playing with modernist principles.