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The passions recounted in Chasing Adonis may be illusively varied but in the end it turns out that beauty is more than just a myth.
As if trekking the jungles illusively in search of a signature on paper is not enough humiliating defeat, Machar turned into media for face-lifting.
If this is so, then the question becomes, how does the poetic speaker use language to communicate or describe, rather than perform, this unity of subject through an imago that is illusively and arbitrarily a poetic sign of God?
To refer to A Dance of the Forests as a tragedy is to open it to questions of tragic form as defined by Aristotle, or, slightly more cannily, to question the Yoruba tragic form as defined by Soyinka in "The Fourth Stage: Through the Mysteries of Ogun to the Origin of Yoruba Tragedy." There, Soyinka says that in tragedy "illusively hovers the key to the human paradox, to man's experience of being and non-being, his dubiousness as essence and matter, intimations of transience and eternity and the harrowing drives between uniqueness and Oneness" This ambiguity is reflected in the dense temporal knot of A Dance of the Forests, and is certainly one of the "key departures" between Ogun's tragedy and that of Dionysus.
This declaration of a passively-experienced ecstasy, which also slyly references Platonic homoerotic enthusiasm, once again illusively suggests that his secret is that Christian enthusiasm enables him to express his desire for passive homoerotic fulfillment (elation similar to that experienced by Dino).