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Calderon's plays do not deny illusiveness by trying to find another, veritable reality instead; rather they demonstrate that appearance is an elementary dimension of being.
The enduring fascination and broad appeal of Hopper's art perhaps is best explained by its illusiveness. He offers a brand of realism not bound by reality.
The speaker's gesture, promising safety to the mantis, is her compensatory response to an event that has underscored the illusiveness of her own safety.
In his just-published Manifesto for a cinematic architecture,* the teacher Pascal Schoning describes how such an architecture 'aims to dissolve or expose the concept of a static material world through a buzz of constant change', and that it 'reveals the illusiveness of the house as a reliable and constant factor, and shifts the focus instead to life and narrative processes.
Despite the illusiveness of cultural constructs, anthropologists persist in their quest to comprehend and enunciate culture.
He and his partners inspirited a visual merchandising philosophy and original "look" that equally lured and haunted -- a living metaphor of his characteristic emotional illusiveness. The very store he developed seemed to say, "Isn't this all very interesting?
In an effort to purge legal history from the postmodernist wasteland, and delineate its benefits along with its shortcomings, both of these historical accounts are presented and then analyzed under Raymond Martin's Progress in Historical Studies, (162) which argues for recognizing progress in historical understanding despite the illusiveness of a factual past.
Ghanaian Urban Setting Project Identifiers Selected Highlights, Insights, Lessons Author: Project underscores significant threats to the Felix Agorsah impact of training on the quality of care: poor environmental hygiene a the community level; loss Country: of equipment and supplies due to pilfering by Ghana staff; uncertainties regarding continuity of support and supervision by key agencies; the Title: illusiveness of "community" because of the An Integrated Early commuter nature of the beneficiaries of childcare Childhood services.
In contrast to Creeley's typically anxious and entangled male, this narrator is coolly descriptive, yet at the same time is much preoccupied by the problem of telling, recognizing the illusiveness of the object of telling: "Let me put it another way.