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Exhibit 3, below, illustrates this approach using a 2.0 early exercise factor (cell B9) that assumes all options will be exercised for pretermination nodes in years 3 or earlier if the stock price reaches $60--double the $30 exercise price.
Selecting an appropriate research scenario using real data that illustrates the concepts that are taught in an introductory class can also be a concern for teachers (Hill & Ball, 2004; Groth & Powell, 2004; Franklin, 2000).
(I, M) Full-color maps, photographs and paintings illustrate a comprehensive, chronologically organized reference guide to American history.
It illustrates the ballets in which the young Louis XIV performed and recreates the image of Versailles and the elaborate theatrical spectacles performed there." Moliere and Lully's Bourgeois Gentilhomme is cited as an example of the uniting of music, dance, and theater.
It provides useful information and illustrates ways to achieve special effects within a reasonable amount of time.
the author, Karen Unger, illustrates how clients can improve their community living skills as well as increase their career awareness and preparation through participation in educational programs actually based in continuing education, adult education, community college, or university settings.
They illustrate, on a range of levels, the processes and experiences of Napoleonic influence across Europe.
Bosence then illustrates the application of these sequence models using the Late Miocene of Mallorca as an example of a rimmed platform, and the Upper Jurassic of Spain as an example of a carbonate ramp.
I've prepared a basic spreadsheet (exhibit 1, page 63) to illustrate how to determine the most profitable product mix.
Woodson, known as the "Father of African American History." Each of the six art montages used to illustrate the story portrays a significant aspect of his life.
Because the text reads so well, instructors (especially on the undergraduate level) may wish to assign certain chapters to illustrate the political and economic challenges present in various historical contexts in modern societies.
Since he began to illustrate picture books in the 1960s, Tom Feelings has waged a persistent war in the field of children's literature.