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Using SPSS to facilitate student understanding and interpretation of statistics concepts, this particular classroom example also illustrates potential problems that can arise when manipulating real-life data.
It no longer illustrates a laughable and morally obtuse past; it now illustrates the morally obtuse present.
Although barbers did perform some cuts, for various purposes, the cuts in themselves did not make them surgeons and, in fact, the illustration defeats the purpose of al-Zahrawi who took the pain to illustrate in his book and describe in great detailing the use of more than two hundred surgical instruments as the author himself states in the caption for al-Zahrawi's manuscript page.
It illustrates the ballets in which the young Louis XIV performed and recreates the image of Versailles and the elaborate theatrical spectacles performed there.
Figure 4 illustrates the eutectic-type alloy, the most forgiving of the three.
Since he began to illustrate picture books in the 1960s, Tom Feelings has waged a persistent war in the field of children's literature.
In management classes, examples and case studies are often used to illustrate concepts.
Her primary purpose in including artists' work is to illustrate events and demonstrate how African Americans have interpreted and told their own histories, versus the accounts of black America created by white scholars and popular media.