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Selecting an appropriate research scenario using real data that illustrates the concepts that are taught in an introductory class can also be a concern for teachers (Hill & Ball, 2004; Groth & Powell, 2004; Franklin, 2000).
Essays on Hungary, Scandinavia, and Britain serve to illustrate the important consequences of indirect Napoleonic influence.
To illustrate how sea-level change can be detected in the rock record, Coe and Church use Ryan and Pitman's observations on the catastrophic flooding of the Black Sea, which may have been the historic event that formed the basis for later accounts of Noah's Flood.
To illustrate her points, Zarri utilizes numerous illustrations, such as Filippo Bonanni's three-volume catalogue on the habits for male and female orders (early eighteenth century) and a variety of prints.
It no longer illustrates a laughable and morally obtuse past; it now illustrates the morally obtuse present.
1375) on mathematical planetary theory is used to illustrate the chapter on cosmology (p.
A wealth of iconography illustrates Louis XIII's enjoyment of pageantry; Cardinal Richelieu's support of dance and drama; the popularity of commedia dell'arte figures and its bizarre, grotesque Italian players; Louis XIV's roles as Autumn, the Sun King, and Apollo; and the popular entertainment of the horse ballets.
This deserving analysis of African-American sailors, who totaled twenty thousand men and composed one fifth of the United States' maritime labor force by the early nineteenth century, illustrates important ways of conceptualizing both early African-American and maritime history.
Figure 4 illustrates the eutectic-type alloy, the most forgiving of the three.
Allowing for Feelings's own romanticization of his life, this story illustrates an early sense of commitment to his heritage.