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The fact that all participants' memory was comparable for events heard in English versus Greek but all remembered information was stated in English, even when initiated by a bilingual experimenter in Greek, suggests two possible memory strategies with respect to bilingual memory: A)Bilinguals translated all story events heard in Greek into English during encoding, internally, illustrating language neutral memory or B)Bilinguals encoded, organized, and stored all information from story events in the language in which events were initially presented, suggesting language specific memory, and then translated all remembered information heard in Greek into English at recall, externally.
Searching by generic terms such as "colophon" or "prelim" retrieves records illustrating these elements.
In the case of objects illustrating the role of science in Islam, they usually fall into two categories: They are either actual pages of written documents literally torn out of the codices that once embraced them, pictures thereof, or the actual manuscripts themselves opened to specific pages intended as illustrations with the viewer never being allowed to flip the page in order to find out what came before or after that specific page.
These programs are capable of illustrating flow conditions quickly, inexpensively and in great detail.
Steptoe continued to work in the area of children's literature, illustrating his own books and those of other authors, most of them black, including Lucille Clifton, Eloise Greenfield, Arnold Adoff, and Birago Diop.