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Some former denizen of the cabin had decorated its walls with illustrations torn from magazines and newspapers, and it was these illustrations that had held Sitka Charley's attention from the moment of our arrival two hours before.
He was captured first by the illustrations, and then he began to read, to start with, the stories that dealt with magic, and then the others; and those he liked he read again and again.
Maurice Grieffenhagen knew how to combine in his illustrations the effect of his own most distinguished personal vision with an absolute fidelity to the inspiration of the writer.
Then Dorcas went on, in her simple and earnest way, to furnish illustrations.
I changed the subject, and made her resume her illustrations.
Her strong character and aggressive and commanding ways compelled Tom's admiration in spite of the fact that he got more illustrations of them than he needed for his comfort.
Illustration 10: In this illustration, the tax results of a reorganization partially depend on a corporation's majority shareholder not disposing of stock that he received under a prearranged disposal agreement.