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Certainly, there are many moments in Tibet where readers cannot quite "make sense" of the illustrational excess, teasing pictorial details, factual inconsistencies in the narrative, and enigmatic plot nuances.
Twenty-seven of the 131 reported cases of primary LMS of extragnathic bone were excluded because of inadequate illustrational evidence of smooth muscle differentiation defined by standard histomorphologic, immunophenotypic, or ultrastructural criteria.
Some of the illustrational photographs have been doctored, incomprehensibly, by someone called Matthias Hollwich.
This obsession with the past can be seen stylistically: Chester Brown's characters have the roughhewn simplicity of Harold Gray's Little Orphan Annie; Seth's elegant brush work calls to mind the cocktail party sleekness of The New Yorker, circa 1927; Julie Doucet's heavy use of black ink, which fairly overflows on her pages, calls to mind the starkness of early 20th-century woodcut books; in trying to capture Martin Luther King's world, Anderson evokes the photorealistic illustrational style of the 1950s; David Collier's cross-hatching, which gives his pages the gnarly authenticity of tree bark, harkens back to such early cartoonists as Clare Briggs and J.R.
The research assistant that had interviewed the respondents read preliminary drafts of the research report and confirmed the significance of themes and quotes selected for illustrational purposes.
He could have envisaged the achondroplastic man as representing Pygmalion and the convulsive figure as (an albeit distinctively Baconic) Galatea: if so, again he possibly considered the allusion to the Greek myth as too specific, too illustrational. He had notoriously inverted Cimabue's Crucifixion, and may have been performing a similar rotation in a regendering of the figure of Galatea in Jean-Leon Gerome's Pygmalion and Galatea (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, c.
Nor, with the exception of Ryan's Picturing Empire, has anyone embraced the growing volume of literature from cultural geography that rescues the photograph from its former illustrational role to one that is recognised as embodying values in both form and content.
Norman Rockwell was a favorite with students who share a controlled technique with an illustrational style.
north ([[epsilon].sup.t]), east ([[epsilon].sup.[psi]]) and downward (-[[epsilon].sup.r]) components, which gave as noise-free data (note that we have used the low degree model just for illustrational purposes; it is clear that multiscale techniques are also valuable tools for handling phenomena of especially high degree).