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Furstova studied in Prague, which has a tradition of illustrational print-making in a comic surrealist mode, and works like that in which a smirking trout wears a lacy ruff against a pink background seem quintessentially Czech.
The best works in this show seem to be those in which the even-ness of the illustrational style is disrupted by contrasting factors.
It is something else, and it is precisely owing to the nature of what could be promoted by Intel--a pseudo-documentary montage of images and phrases drawn from American social and political history --that works of art, some very fine and many very inferior, are condemned to serve an illustrational and instrumentalist function, both on the Internet and in the exhibition itself.
By exploiting this simple principle Schutz is able to barrel through densely packed scenes efficiently, using a big brush and not getting caught up in illustrational details.
This is also one of several works that Dosso reworked drastically, wiping out an equally large second figure, which cannot but loosen illustrational reference.
Everything from the thin, feathery application of paint, to Ethier's fetid palette, slacker subjects, head-shop illustrational style, and high-varnish finish announces his desire to test the limits and elasticity of his viewers' taste.