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We have now issued illustrative ESFA adult education budget (AEB) allocations for the 2019 to 2020 funding year to providers.
"The animators capture Seuss's illustrative style but there's too little of his whimsical charm
A: As life moves forward, other people, places and influences will be explored in the illustrative documentation.
Although few organizations assign a metric to track their success, these illustrative goals have grown steadily more ambitious as supply management has increased its scope and organizational influence.
26 (SUNA) - The federal Minister of Agriculture, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, and the Minister of Agriculture at Gedarif State, Engineer Mohammed Osman Mohamed Nour, inspected Monday the agricultural illustrative fields at the areas of Saraf and Allam in Gedarif State, which had provided abundant crop production, particularly after the using of modern technology.
However, the tweet did not mention that the photo is illustrative only.
of Manitoba, Canada), was not to achieve any illusory attempt at completeness but instead to provide illustrative entry points into the sizeable body of primary and secondary sources as well as illustrative examples based on original research of the ways in which sources can be utilized to study India's railways.
The second volume comprises the complete descriptive catalogue of illustrative work, which includes primary and secondary works, and the principal larger prints.
have installed several pieces of equipment and have manned the stalls with their own technical staff to offer on-the-spot demonstrations and other illustrative explanations of their product and service capabilities.
Under each picture the somewhat ironic caption: 'Picture used for illustrative purposes only'.
CAIRO: State-run daily Al-Ahram defended in an editorial Friday publishing a doctored photo of the Mideast peace talks, which put President Hosni Mubarak in the front, saying it was "illustrative."
This guide explains the purpose of each CFR component and provides illustrative financial information using actual fiscal year 2008 and 2007 data to focus readers on the kinds of significant information found in the various parts of the CFR.