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Illustratively, the report analyzes responses from managers at over 45,000 enterprises in 106 developing countries to the question: "Which of the following elements [15 items in a list] of the business environment, if any, currently represents the biggest obstacle faced by this establishment?
Illustratively, if a decision maker considers a more attractive than b and the difference between both actions is weak, then (a, b) [member of] [C.
142) Illustratively, Kathy Katz was the faculty advisor or co-faculty advisor for the Gabrielli National Family Law Moot Court Competition for many years.
Additionally, the cell-array battery can illustratively alter the toxic electrolytes inside the battery.
2, 1933) illustratively demonstrate the goals of outstanding urban philosophers, researchers and practicing designers for providing more ecology and social comfort in the built environment under fairer social and economic conditions from the outset of the industrial revolution in the second half of the 19th century until present days.
When I was painting things a bit more illustratively, I couldn't put any soul into it because I thought people wanted things painted as they saw them.
By illustratively listing the forms of domestic violence, by defining the terms violence is exercised in, by defining the violence itself (as being "any intentional action or inaction, except for the self-defence or defence actions, manifested physically or verbally, committed by a family member against another member of the same family, who causes or can case an injury or physical, mental, sexual, emotional or psychological suffering, including the threat of such actions, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty--art.
Illustratively, in an influential "medical" text published in 1857, Dr.
Illustratively, I always work sequentially, from image number one on through to the end in a storyboard fashion.
Given the estimates of relative market share (low-high) and its market growth rate (lowhigh), a product line can be categorized in one of the four cells illustratively named for the amount of resources generated from and required from the firm (Grewal and Levy, 2010).
Illustratively, one study has documented that 16% of adolescents ages 12 to 17 have a chronic condition that requires the intensive use of medical services (van Dyck et al.
Illustratively, most words for 'outrigger' in South Asia and East Africa are not clearly derived from any Austronesian source, whereas all stages of development point towards an insular Southeast Asian origin of the device, and militate against independent invention in South Asia and/or East Africa.