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Illustratively, a survey of members of the 1976 entering class who were employed full-time revealed that, on average, African Americans were more interested than whites in flexible work schedules, low stress in their jobs, and a pleasant work environment.
Illustratively, just a small portion of North America can produce enough solar hydrogen to supply all the energy needs of the whole continent.
5), most likely because these terms illustratively point towards Anne's psychological removal from the soundscape she filters.
Illustratively, a series of policy packages were implemented, including the deregulation of the banking and finance sectors.
The oval shaped track has been chosen on purpose to show more illustratively that the car is keeping on track because of downforce and not because of centripetal or centrifugal force like people are often assuming incorrectly.
Hafez (2007) illustratively labels this viewpoint in the field of global media studies "the myth of media globalization," and Sparks (2007a) dismisses the entire theoretical framework of globalization, arguing that current developments are better explained as part of the continuing capitalist and imperialist expansion (cf.
However, illustratively, managers at Intel, as discussed earlier, did not make the same mistake, although the fact that the opportunity came from outside Intel and Toshiba practically offered it up to them on a silver platter helped a great deal.
1) Illustratively, these activities may include senior-level
Illustratively, GE's chairman, Jeff Immelt (2007: 7) had this to say with regard to its approach to stakeholder engagement: (13) "As we expand in developed and emerging markets, we will be continually challenged to ensure that we invest in a sustainable and intelligent way that leverages our financial, technical and intellectual resources to the benefit of our investors, employees and communities.
Illustratively, the new Justice Department's rejection of the 2008 Section 2 guidelines cannot be tied to any specific teachings of the crisis, but merely to political interpretation.