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`Sons of Ariston,' he sang, `divine offspring of an illustrious hero.'
The arrival of the illustrious guests had by no means caused him to relax his hold, and, while the prelates and ambassadors were packing themselves into the stalls--like genuine Flemish herrings--he settled himself at his ease, and boldly crossed his legs on the architrave.
Magnificent preparations were made to receive the illustrious statesman; a cavalcade of horsemen set forth to meet him at the boundary line of the State, and all the people left their business and gathered along the wayside to see him pass.
It really was a very brilliant spectacle, especially as there were numerous banners flaunting over the cavalcade, on some of which were gorgeous portraits of the illustrious statesman and the Great Stone Face, smiling familiarly at one another, like two brothers.
In the midst of all this gallant array came an open barouche, drawn by four white horses; and in the barouche, with his massive head uncovered, sat the illustrious statesman, Old Stony Phiz himself.
You must add my name to the illustrious three, and record another failure of your hopes.
I made my humblest acknowledgment to this illustrious person, for his great communicativeness; and promised, "if ever I had the good fortune to return to my native country, that I would do him justice, as the sole inventor of this wonderful machine;" the form and contrivance of which I desired leave to delineate on paper, as in the figure here annexed.
The attention which we have been obliged to give, during the commencement of the chapter, to the illustrious personages we have introduced into it, has diverted us for an instant from him to whom Anne of Austria owed the extraordinary triumph she had obtained over the cardinal; and who, confounded, unknown, lost in the crowd gathered at one of the doors, looked on at this scene, comprehensible only to four persons--the king, the queen, his Eminence, and himself.
US singer Katy Perry has joined an illustrious line of stars to perform at the Austrian ski-resort Ischgl.
THE ILLUSTRIOUS DEAD: THE TERRIFYING STORY OF HOW TYPHUS KILLED NAPOLEON'S GREATEST ARMY provides a powerful narrative telling of how Napoleon's army was crushed by disease at the height of its powers.
Summary: Singing sensation and chart-topping artist Karl Wolf selected Kempinski Hotel Ajman as one of the many illustrious locations for the filming of his brand new music video for the popular hit single 'Yalla Habibi'.
"Ray served on HMS Illustrious and early in 1944 my husband, Bob (Nobby) Clark, joined the Illustrious in Sydney, Australia, returning home in 1946.